The Day After

The day after my birthday
the {entire}
month of December
(that feels like it started the day after Halloween?)
have caught up with me.
The holiday season
which lasts just a little bitlonger at our house
since my birthday is on the tail end
 is now over.

… and I am exhausted.
What A Whirlwind

It will be a little slow here this week but I will be back soon with my batteries charged and a better organized home to show you!
Click here to see what I have been up to.
As for today… my body is demanding some rest.
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Love & Hugs in the New Year!!

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  1. says

    Happy new year!!! :) And happy belated birthday too :D

    Thanks for always leaving usch wonderful comments at my blog. I really need to have an evening and catch up on all my blogging!!! Sigh… this weekend maybe :D

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