Feeling Spontaneous!

Hey All!
We had a great weekend here at Fox Hollow.
Friday night my nephew slept over and he and Austin had a great time gaming.
They were laughing so hard, that I was giggling just hearing them!
Then, Mr Fox took the boys out really early on Saturday morning to go target shooting.
Way too early for me.
I prefer to head out late morning in the Spring or Summer,
when it’s nice and sunny out.
I’m not very dedicated. hehe
We cooked, relaxed some, hung-out and in general took it easy.
I read a few books… Just a nice, simple weekend.
I also managed to do a lot of terribly boring
house keeping & laundry.
Not a craft was made.
So today, I am itching to do something.
…and have just decided on a whim
to paint our fireplace.
(random photo of our fireplace!)
If you hear crying later, that would be me.

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