Getting Grout Clean & White

Getting Grout Clean & White

Over the weekend, I shared a picture on my facebook page of some slave labor I had employed.
{wink wink}
My son and nephew were sweet enough to give me a hand scrubbing up the kitchen grout. There are such good helpers and we were done in a flash with all three of us working together.
A few years back, I was exasperated with trying to get my grout clean! I had used a variety of things that only worked “okay” and I was tired of splashy, liquid bleach.
 This particular cleanser has bleach and its nice and thick, so I decided to give it a shot.


Porcelain bowl. Porcelain tile.

Same difference.
This should totally work at getting grout clean & white!! Right?
It’s not like it’s been in my toilet bowls or anything.
I applied some to the counter tops.
Smoothed it into the grout and let it get busy.
(You can use the tip to squeeze it right onto the grout lines.)
Works like a charm.
Without all the mess that the liquid bleach makes.
It still takes working it into the grout with a scrub brush on tougher stains but I am always happy with the results.
This isn’t rocket science, and I didn’t invent anything… but if you have white grout, and want it to look white, you might want to give this a try. (I don’t recommend this on anything other then white grout and non porous tiles)
I don’t know about you?
But me..
Me, I like my white grout to look, well, white.
Not like an old, dingy, wife-beater tee shirt.
My free Cleaning Crew 😉
So, next time you clean your toilet,
show your grout some love too!
(Just don’t use the same brush)
No one paid me to say this.
In fact…
they would probably pay me to shut-up.
Or, “be quiet” as I tell my son to say.
Have Fun Cleaning!
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  1. says

    Oh yes I love that Clorox with bleach….I’ve used it in our bathroom & on our kitchen counter that currently has white grout inside black tiles. It is some awesome stuff!! Plus I love that you had a free crew…seems to make things look even better :)

  2. says

    Wow, you and your crew are amazing!! I wish I could read labels like you!! I read “toilet bowl cleaner” and figure that’s it!! Hopefully this post will remind me to think of what _else_ a product can do!!! And I need this stuff for sure!! Regular bleach is my go-to but you are right, it’s too splashy!!! :)

  3. says

    Please don’t ever be quiet! I love your enthusiasm about cleaning grout, actually everything :) I tore out all of my white tiles, but I do have a few toilets! Have great day!

  4. says

    Looks great! Using toilet cleaner really is a super idea, just for the ability to squeeze it onto the grout. Geez girl, you’re smart!