I’m Feeling Lucky

Good Morning!
It’s morning time right now, so I’m going with it.
If it’s not morning where ever you are.
You have to quit reading and come back later.
Just teasing!
I know. I’m a pain.

So anyhow…
after lots of chatting, looking
and changing our minds

{mind changing. mr fox. just sayin’}

about where to spend a few vacation days next month…
We Have Decided That
I get to see my sister!!!
She and her guy are gonna meet us there.
I’m SO excited.
We are having a {much needed} get-away.
I get to see my sister.
(I know, I all ready said that)
Yay. Me.
Oh. and Jimmy too… of course!
~Hope You Have Something To Be Excited About Today Too~
PS - I got to thinking…

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  1. says

    Should I go back?: DA
    There are almost 18, and I’m enjoying the sunset from the sea :)))))
    In my garden there is still some light ……
    Good holiday: D
    kisses from Italy

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