It’s a Felt Flower Fiesta!! (with a step-by-step tutorial)

I. am. obsessed.

But it’s calorie free…
and I can drive after I do it so,
it’s all good!
It’s a Felt Flower Fiesta!


It all started when
I tried my hand at making a few
flowers to embellish my Valentine Mantle.
That was all it took…
I was hooked!
These are the sweetest little things.
They are so Cute
Easy to make.
~What a Perfect Combo~
(trio actually, they are CHEAP too)
I Love Them.

I have played around a bit
and I have made three different styles now.
The original “Rose” shape,
a pretty pink flower with “Petals”,
and a zingy “Mum”.
Come on girls…
~Grab Some Felt, Scissors & Glue~
Lets make something!!
Below are Steps 1, 2, 3 & 4.
The larger the felt, the larger the flower.
If you use the 9 x 6 piece (without further cutting) you will get the flower shown at the end of the photos.

Step #5

Step #6

Step #7

Step #8

Next, add glue and get rolling!



Once You Reach The End
The Flower Is Complete!
{and I just realized I need a manicure. STAT}
Yep, It’s THAT Easy
If you use the “remaining” 1/4 piece of felt,
you get a lil’ mini~mum like this.


If you want to finish the back, I’ll show you an easy way to do that too!

After gluing on a felt square. Begin by holding the bottom scissor blade upright and flat against the base of the flower and following the curve all the way around. It makes a perfect cut.

{and a tiny leaf too!}
Hope you enjoyed
stopping by to “smell” the flowers ;)
Stop Back Soon!

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Appearance in full on any site other then Fox Hollow Cottage is theft!
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  1. says

    You are becoming queen of tutorials! I already knew how to make the roses in your last post, which by the way, sent me into a rose making frenzy. I copied you and made them in pink, red & cream using every spare minute I had. See what you do to me? lol

    I didn’t know how to make the mums, so now I know I’ll have to try these too. Thanks for being a troublemaker! :D

  2. says

    yay a SIESTA!!!! oh wait? you said FIESTA!! I guess I will stay awake for this!! They are so cute! I have not been this excited to buy felt since I was a kid. I can see even doing some fun orange colored ones for the summer and easter…..OHHH you got me started on something. Can’t wait to see how to make the rest.
    Have a BEAUTIFUL day.

  3. says

    Well Shannon…we must be on the same page with these felt flowers. I have went a little nuts here as well with them. But I am loving the “mum” and will try to make some tomorrow. Ijust got my mess cleaned up…

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