The Real Gritty Before Pictures

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I Must Have Been Off My Meds.
or so you would think!
If I was on meds.
Come to think of it, maybe I was supposed to be taking some?
(just teasing a little, not making fun!)
I’m talking about the decision we made when we decided to buy this house.
In fact, my dad looked at me like I was insane the first time I took him to see it.
We had just finished a full renovation of our “Dream Home”.
And we were moving on to the next project.
I don’t even think the paint was dry yet?
But being the “crazy kids” we are, we went out and bought ourselves a new project.
A 1920’s cottage style fixer-upper. {cough cough}
Yeah… it needed some fixing all right!
But we had big plans and a healthy budget.
(notice I said “had” a healthy budget? More on that later too)
But the BONUS was… this house had a little surpise…
Another  House. A whole, entire  EXTRA house.
We knew right away that this was the place for us. We could down-size and the other place would be just right for Jim’s mom.
 It was perfect! Well, you know what I mean. It could be perfect.
Isn’t it funny how you always wish you took more pictures later on?
I was not even thinking about, thinking about, blogging back then.
I did take some before shots… but I sure wish I had taken more.
So you could fully appreciate the hideousness of it all.

These are our before pictures

(I am not responsible for any damage to your eyeballs)
Front Door, Main Living Area and Fireplace.
Lots of Pumpkin Orange and Hunter Green Accents.
All the door & window trims were painted using a hunter green shelac based paint.
That is a post in itself.
It was so very, very fun trying to cover that.
They used it on the fireplace surround too.
Oh. Joy.
That green wall there.
Again, with the green.
It’s covered in paper bags.
Not a good DIY project. Never do this. Please.
That’s my dad.
He was our project guru.
Jimmy is very handy.
But he had a full-time job.
So, that left my dad & I busy~busy
doing lots of projects on our own.
Like painting the exterior of the house.
and the entire interior too.
Putting in 23 new windows.
I am a caulking Queen.
Just ask me!
… and I use the term “kitchenloosely
to describe this room.
It was a total
scabbed in
hot mess!
Happily, we were able to put a new kitchen in.
And I am very grateful for what we have.
But all the finishes had to be changed and
A Lot
of compromising was done.  
Bad contractor. Inexperienced me.
Long, boring story.
Coming Next to Fox Hollow Cottage

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  1. says

    Oh my eyeballs! Paperbags and hunter green! Girl you are good! This is a great series, with proof that anything can be refreshed! Can’t wait to see more!

  2. says

    I am tired just looking at this. I have done this several times and I don’t think I have it in me to do it again. I sure had fun at the time though.Can’t wait to see the after photos.

  3. says

    I can’t wait to read all about it!
    Believe me, I am no stranger to a fixer-upper and I know what happens when your fixing up an older home. I can only imagine the “fun” you must have had and the can of worms uncovered.

  4. says

    Thank you so very much for putting me on your facebook!!!! I am so thrilled. As I am sitting hear reading your post I am laughing! We have a lot in common. Both Shannons, both live in Washington. When we bought our last house my parents, and every person I know thought we had totally lost our marbles 😉 But we saw what the house could be, or what it should be I guess. I have before and after pictures of the house on my blog, check them out. It can be done! I have no doubt you will knock it out of the park.

  5. says

    Nothing you can say will scare me off, Shannon! We bought two houses because of the “potential” my husband saw in them. In the end, he was right on both of them, but it was A LOT of work! I knew this time, when we downsized, that I wanted something we didn’t have to do anything to if we didn’t want to. And that’s what I got! : )