We have a WINNER!! – The announcement

~Hey Everyone~
First off,  I want to say
 to EVERY SINGLE one of you
who took the time to enter the giveaway!
(that was held here.)
I really appreciated all the participation.
It was so fun to do a
“It’s my birthday” giveaway!
Thank you so much to
for supplying the gift.
We have a Lucky Winner and that is…
Karin at
Again… thanks for joining in the fun!
Karin, I would love to see what you choose. Maybe you can give us all a peek when it arrives?

Please message me at
and I will get all your info so we can get you your prize!

I hope to host many more giveaways in the future…
Who doesn’t like FREE stuff?
I know I do!!
Have a wonderful week & I hope the New Year is treating you well!!
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Appearance in full on any site other then Fox Hollow Cottage is theft!
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  1. says

    I did that last time… I thought I had it. It looked perfect? I just deleted the widget. Too confusing for people to see with no number in it now and being able to click on it. Seriously!? Thank goodness I wasn’t giving away a million dollars, I’d be getting lynched ;)

  2. says

    I think I am gonna pass out!!!!! Who hoo!!!!!!!!!!! so excited!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I am a little bit geeked!!! Thanks for starting this Monday off with a bang!!!
    Love ya,

  3. says

    Well… you all will just have to trust me. That number generator is being a pain. It was “20″ when I posted this. Now, it is open and you can click on it!!!! GAH. I don’t have the spare time to keep fiddling with it. It is what it is.
    And I say it was “20″.
    So there. LOL =))))

    A little frustrated~Shannon

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