Winning a little Lisa Rinna

I’m a Winner!
Thanks to
Marvelous Marketing
and their super fun
“FABULOUS Friday contests”
on facebook.

I won an autographed copy of
Starlit by Lisa Rinna

You can find Marvelous Marketing right here on facebook!
… and here for the official 4marvelousmarketing page.

And this, is the Official Lisa Rinna page.

I just love her.
She is so sweet & spunky!

I watched her on Melrose Place
and of course…
Days Of Our Lives 
(She’ll soon be reprising her role of Billie Reed!)
Her first episode back is scheduled to air March 8th.
Can’t forget Soap Talk,
Along with Celebrity Apprentice
{Yes, I admit I watched that season}
I even watched
Harry Loves Lisa.
(which was very cute!)

Look forward to catching her as
“Billie” again soon.

So, Thanks to
Lisa Rinna
Marvelous Marketing…

I know what I’ll be reading tonight.

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