Before and After a Bathroom Story

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Welcome to FHC

Before and After A Bathroom Story

Hi Guys!
I’ve really been meaning to get this post written for some time now.
{But you know, I didn’t}
This is the story of our bathroom.
A bathroom that almost gave my poor dad a heart attack?
(well, another heart attack)
You’d think I didn’t love the poor guy?
But he really thought I was craz-y when he got to this room in the house.
Mostly, he was concerned about
“His Grandson” living here.
He’s such a good grandpa!
No worries though.
We did almost all the work before we ever  moved in!
So, without a ton of chit-chat… Let’s relive the glory that was our bathroom.
Or should I say; “The GORY”.
the before bathroom makeover renovation
Because let’s face it, it’s looked like a murder scene or gas station restroom or maybe even a frat house bathroom?
(after a Zombie Apocalypse)
I had a vision. Lots and lots and lots of vision. lol.
Or, I was blind.
Definitely one or the other.
So this was what we had to work with. It’s a half bath, plus the laundry room.
And, it housed the water heater.
It was So VERY Pretty.
I know you wish you had one too. Admit it.
So let’s recap what we had to start with;
1. Red walls.
2. A plywood covered window that looks out into a storage shed!?
3. A jacked-up, uneven, hodge-podge wall.
4. Peel & stick style, vinyl covered floors.
 (except for where there are missing tiles.)
5. A completely exposed hot water heater.
(not pictured)
6. Well, you get the picture…
It was majorly gross!
Now for Some Ta-Dah time!!

(well, it’s ta-dah to US)

The striped paint treatment is great because it adds some height to the low ceiling in our basement level bath.
I tried to keep all the decor really light since we have no natural light in this room.
It’s a budget renovation/makeover for sure!
The cabinets are stock, from Lowe’s, as are the counter tops. The vanity is from a local mom & pop place along with the new commode and sink. Our biggest splurge was the trough style faucet. We totally love it and have never regretted it.

Jimmy really outdid himself on this project.

- He tore out the old floor and prepped for a new one

- Installed the new tile floor

- Removed the window

- Tore down and re-framed the entire wall

- Installed new sheetrock, tapped, mudded, and textured a new wall

… and more!

 Then, he and my dad worked together to move and re-route the hot water heater, which was such a huge improvement.
Below is the wall and the corner area where the water heater used to live. It’s a space we have utilized to the max by installing new cabinets and counter top.
We took a little-bitty budget and added lots of hard work to make this space habitable much better. 
I have added a few changes since I took these pictures, including a new washer & dryer.


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  1. says

    That’s quite the transformation! You’d never know there wasn’t any natural light because it looks so light & bright. You seriously need to rent your Dad & husband out. Or at least send them to me? ;D

  2. says

    Oh gosh – you’ve done an amazing job! Wow, I can’t believe the “before”, you had a window going to nowhere? That’s creepy… Anyhoo so much better now and love that faucet too!

  3. says

    Shannon, it is sooo gorgeous! I love the faucet! I just updated our 1/2 bath, and sad to say, it’s now one of my favorite rooms in the house.

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  4. says

    Nice job. Totally useable now, no more gas station resemblance, and plenty of floor and counter space for clothes.