How To Bring Spring into the Bedroom

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How To Bring Spring into the Bedroom

It’s Spring!
… and I want it to feel that way throughout my home.
That means it’s time for a bedroom makeover.
I know many of you are experiencing lovely warm days, playing outside and even venturing into your gardens.
Unfortunately, we still get lots of rain and not so wonderful weather this time of year in the Pacific Northwest. I know some places are still getting SNOW! So I know there are some of you who are in the same boat as me.
So what’s a girl to do?
Well, I decided, that while I wait {impatiently} to get back outside, feel the sunshine on my face, get dirty and feel a spray paint can in my hands…
 I am going to fake Spring right here 
in my nice, dry home.
I’ve already introduced 
some “Spring”  to our home by decorating
This post is about how I added some 
Spring into our bedroom. 
I sure hope you see and idea or two that might work for you.
My makeover started with the desire to move Winter out of my house!
Buh-Bye Winter.
Go away!
I had a table that needed some painting…
this one right here  
and I used it as my 
“get this party started” inspiration piece.
From there, I was on a roll!
A few of you expressed concern over the glass, 
French door to our bedroom the other day…
Rest assured! 
It is well covered ;)
By adding fresh, energetic colors, in shades of red, blue and green, I was mimicking many 
of my favorite Spring and Summer flowers.
(Geraniums from last Summer~Can’t wait to see them again!)
Now, you don’t have to buy all new things.
In fact, I bought nothing new at all!
I pulled out quilts & pillow shams I had stored away, shopped my house, borrowed a table from my living room and browsed my neat & organized home decor storage room.
I tried to add a fresh, botanical feel to the room by bringing a little of the outdoors, in.
I did this by using:
1. A red Geranium painting
2. A Springy green wreath
3. Fresh daffodils ($2, so I lied a little)
4. The pale, blue Hydrangea in the zinc planter
5. A multi-colored floral quilt
6. The white Birdcage/Cloche
7. A family rock collection
8. A French, red Poppy clock
(say that ten times fast)
The table is staying white… for now.
I need all the brightness I can get and white bounces the light around like nothing else.
I really love color, but I really tend to use it on smaller pieces and accessories, leaving my walls and large furniture pieces neutral. 
It keeps things more versatile that way.
You can basically change the look of a room, on whim if you have neutrals to work with.
Nothing beats fresh flowers… Local market, $2-
Have a pretty necklace…
Why not display it? 
Have a fab sister who sends you a birdcage style wire cloche?
Lucky me! I do.
Thanks Nicole, love you =)
(even when you don’t send me goodies!)
Short on fancy, matching pillows?
No problem!

1. Grab a pillow case
 2. Stuff any old throw pillow in it
3. Make a simple, straight fold over
4. Cinch it up with ribbon, jute twine, etc..
5. You can even decorate it by pinning on a rhinestone brooch or clip earrings.
(I could not find my cool, vintage set!)
I nabbed that super chunky candle stick 
a few months back from
Goodwill for $2.99 – Score!
The rocks are just one collection of many from various treasure hunts over the years.
The gilded wood frame is from my MIL. 
She is always finding me cool stuff!
Hope it is Sunny & Gorgeous 
wherever you are.
If not, then maybe you found an idea that 
you can use to make it 
“feel” like Spring in your bedroom!
PS- Yes, I am a total cheater and removed my functional clock off of my bedside table for the pictures… but hey, I had to deal with trying to take pictures in less then great light so I figured it made it even!

 Now, it’s Spring in the Sun Room too! Come see…

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Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage
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  1. says

    Your spring bedroom looks wonderful! If it was raining outside your home, you would never know it with all the bright and cheerful items displayed around the room!

  2. says

    Very pretty, Shannon, and it does look so cottagey! Love the table white. I’d go neutral, too, because you never know where that table may wind up. I have one in our master that will be getting painted soon. I’m thinking I might try the French Linen ASCP on it; just to shake things up from Old White. : )

  3. says

    When I read you wanted to show how you added Spring to your bedroom – I got a little nervous and wondered if this was an x-rated post! Especially with that glass bedroom door!

    But, thankfully, I didn’t have to avert my eyes! What a fab no money makeover. I love that geranium painting and all the little touches of flowers.

    Love your jewelry display too in the silver bowl!

  4. says

    Shannon your bedroom is gorgeous!! I persOnally lOve your door. I would like to do that to the two bedrooms downstairs. Beautiful makeover and when I get back home I am sharing! Sitting in car pool line right now waiting for school to let out.

  5. says

    Cara Shannon trovo la tua camera da letto deliziosa!!
    Hai fatto un ottimo lavoro è tutto così molto bello!!
    Un bacio dall’Italia;D


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