A Kitchen Makeover at Fox Hollow Cottage

A Kitchen Makeover at Fox Hollow – Our Story
Once Upon A Time, We Bought A House.
It was a sweet little cottage that needed our help.
A 1929 cottage to be exact.
With a kitchen that was in terrible condition.
So we dug in, worked hard and made it the best kitchen we knew how.
We started with a room that looked like this…
(you could hardly call it a kitchen)
And after lots and lots of work, we have a kitchen that looks like this…

Click HERE for more Kitchen Makeover Photos & Back Story.

We made the most of our small budget by selecting basic, basic white porcelain tile for our counter tops.
To get the fresh, cottage style I craved, we added a bead board back splash.
We did splurge a tiny bit on a few listello tile pieces to marry the area where the standard tile and the bead board meet. It was well worth it.
I know lots of people cook with gas, but we aren’t fancy chefs and this ceramic glass cooktop works perfect for us!
 My husband and I both really like the warm luster of this deep, bronze faucet.
It really pulls together the look of the dark flooring and all of the window trims too.
I always say if I ever win the lottery I will have fresh flowers in every room!
For this price, you can feel like you did.
Chalkboards are all the rage!
(and for good reason)
They are so easy to personalize and you can change them up in jiff.

Lucky us!

Our ceiling is vaulted, so there is loads of decorating real estate above the cabinets.
I just freshened up the decor on the upper cabinets.

It was a work out.

Up the ladder… down the ladder.
Repeat about 60 times.
Maybe I should change it daily?
Our KraftMaid Cabinets in Linen finish.

We have an archway overlooking our stairwell and Jim and I just recently gave it a little makeover.
It’s a fun spot to decorate!
It looks much better now, with the dark wood shelf and chunky white trim.

Ready for another “Before” picture?

Don’t cringe…

This is the same space, “After”.
We added cabinets, providing extra storage and even carved out a small pantry area. (It’s behind the curtain) The upper cabinets originally had glass doors, but I just removed them to open it up a bit.
I added some pretty shelf paper on the back wall of the cabinet to bring in some much needed color.
The contents really show up now!
I love this chandy.
It’s been made over once, but it I feel a Summer update coming on!
I lucked out and found some Lilacs that the deer had not gotten too.

What A Treat.

The house smells so yummy!
I hope you enjoyed the tour of our kitchen makeover and the recent updates I’ve made.

We hop you come visit again sometime.

We like to change things up and there always seems to be a new project in the works… Like turning an old fence into a counter top!
PS: If you like a good, budget makeover… we had two ugly bathrooms too!
Before and After Projects at www.foxhollowcottage




  1. Megan says

    I love the dish rack you have, it looks so much nicer than the one I have sitting on my counter. :( Where did you get it?

  2. Jcrn says

    Gorgeous! Love the tile. We have similar ones in another area of the house. Did you seal the grout? Ours has done well but wasn’t sealed so I’ve been slowly cleaning it and plan to regrout and seal it. Any advice welcome.

    We went with Kraft Maid and a cooktop – just like you. We actually stayed on budget! Barely. But still…on budget with enough left for 2 scoops of ice cream at the local ice cream “parlor”- and a new kitchen chair.:)

  3. says

    Just seeing this one. It’s like Christmas to get to see all of these things a little at a time!! lol So completely beautiful – what an amazing job, Shannon!! I was tempted to wait reply until I knew you could respond to this but just couldn’t help it. LOVE! Have a great weekend! xo, Claire

  4. says

    Hi Shannon!!!

    I was just looking around to see what you’ve done to your cottage, and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with all the hard work!!!

    You guys deserve a round of applause!!!!

    It’s amazing what talent can do. The before pictures made me appreciate all the time and energy it took you to make your home a beautiful retreat from the world.

    It’s lovely!!!!!


  5. says

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  6. says

    What a transformation. This is just so beautiful I absolutely love the floor. You really made a very good decision changing those tiles. This serves as a good example for those who are considering remodeling their flooring Honolulu for a refreshing new look for their living spaces. I am so happy for you. Keep posting.

  7. says

    So inspiring! I seriously can’t believe the before pictures..I love how bright and cheery it is…here’s hoping we get to start work on mine soon! {please take it as a compliment if it turns out to look EXACTLY like yours!} haha…I just love it that much!

  8. says

    I love your kitchen makeover. Where oh where did you find the plate rack? I am going to steal your idea of taking some of the doors off the cabinets. Beautiful and inviting.

  9. says

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! What a transformation!!!!
    I love how light and bright it is!!!
    I can’t wait to reveal mine… it will be a bit tho, I can’t afford countertops yet with an upcoming adoption.

  10. says

    I Love your fresh vintage style. Question WHERE did you find the plate rack that you have on the wall in your kitchen? I am so envious, I have been hunting, scouring, and/or ransacking every place I can find to be able to purchase one like this. HELP! I love following you and find that you are the first blog I read on a daily basis!

  11. says

    WOW!!! This is an incredible transformation!! You have such a beautiful kitchen!! Hard to believe it’s the same space!! Great job!

  12. says

    I love this! Your kitchen now is so bright and pretty, I love how you’ve been able to play up the natural light. Fresh flowers definitely are the finishing touch that “makes” a room – I love the pop of the purple lilacs on your table.

  13. says

    Your kitchen is beautiful, and what a makeover! I love the crisp, clean white, but it looks so comfy and inviting too. I think the shelf paper and pantry curtain are my favorites! Thanks for linking up!

  14. says

    Oh, Shannon!!! This transformation is beyond amazing!!! I love EVERYTHING!!! Great job! Thanks SO much for sharing at HiH! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. says

    WOW!!! The transformation is amazing- that before was a real doozy, but the after is incredible!!! What a gorgeous kitchen you have now and I’m super jealous of all that cabinet space! Fantastic job!

  16. says

    Soooo beautiful! I can’t pick a favorite b/c all is eye candy – yummy!

    BTW, found your blog through From My Front Porch To Yours. I can’t wait to read more! :)

  17. says

    Crisp. Airy. Clean. Pretty. Soft. Beautifully put together. And my fav? That white tray on the dark wood. Inspirational kitchen.


  18. says

    Wow oh wow – you’d never know it’s the same house! Y’all did a fantastic job. In addition to the cabinets and beadboard backsplash, I love the vignette with the stacked plates.

  19. says

    Such a beautiful kitchen! The transformation is amazing – hard to believe it is the same kitchen!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  20. says

    So fresh and beautiful!! You did such a wonderful job using all that white. Love it!!


  21. says

    I love the transformation of your kitchen. It looks spectacular. Love the additional space above the cabinets, the bead board backsplash, and the tile where the bead board and counter meet. The cabinets behind your table are beautiful, too. Amazing job.

  22. says

    Amazing job Shannon! I’m a new friend, Desi from 36th avenue loves you, so I had to come and visit. So glad that I did. Your kitchen is beautiful. Your pictures are beautiful and your decorating is fantastic! So glad that I came by to visit. Can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog! Have a happy weekend!

  23. says

    What an absolutely amazing transformation. As a fellow-ugly-kitchen-er…I look at yours with a good deal of envy. The pieces of ours are starting to collect in our garage (just scored a beautiful antique farm sink WITH the original faucet for $40 – thanks to Craigslist) but my toddlers may be out of college before it comes together. So, while I slave away in our partially carpeted, cabinets-falling-apart, with random shades of orange-red countertops from the 1970s – I’ll dream of your beautiful, clean, white, charming kitchen with the vaulted ceilings. :)

  24. says

    Dear Shannon ,I love your kitchen makeover you are truly an artist without a dought.I’m putting you on my favourites list so I can check in often

  25. says

    Coming over from My Romantic Home linky party ~ those open cabinets sure open up the room but make it so cozy at the same time ~ turned out very charming! oxox, tracie

  26. says

    Shannon y’all did an amazing job! Is that your new table? I have to go and see if I missed a post….thanx for partying lady!

  27. says

    Shannon I would NEVER believe it’s the same house. What a fantastic joy you and hubs did. I love all of the whites! I too decorate the top of my cabinets. Up and down ladders I totally understand. Oh I think you need to share this post with my party. Love the pillow, but this is fabulous!
    Hey, share both.

  28. says

    you give me so much hope. I can’t wait to make my new kitchen even half as wonderful as yours is!!! :) Thank you for the inspiration!

  29. says

    Hi Shannon, found your blog at Savannah Attics! Your kitchen makeover is amazing! I really love your dining area with the dresser and the curtains hiding the pantry area with the chandelier – just gorgeous!


  30. says

    LOVE it all…what a great job you guys did…we have soooooo much in common as far as our decor goes…please come and see and check out my older posts…I think you’ll like it…we redid our kitchen with paint etc this past fall. I love it now…enjoy your beautiful space and I look forward to keeping in touch.

  31. says

    Are you FREAKING kidding me? I am in AWE of that kitchen and nothing about it says BUDGET. You make it look so custom. You are so brave to do the open shelving too..I still have to much plastic crap….Err I mean kids plates and cups to even try..:)
    Congrats on another winner..:)

  32. says

    Man, that was some serious ugly before. What a glorious after! I have Belle Foret faucets in the master bathroom we re-modeled. I think they’re fabulous. So heavy and such good quality. I plan on using them in my kitchen when we remodel. I found you through an Eclectically Vintage facebook post!

  33. says

    You really worked this out and that is just simply wonderful. The simplicity of the design you used for this kitchen makes it so beautiful and the colors are perfectly blending. The bronze faucet has to be admired since you can’t find it easily in other kitchens. Just by looking at it, it implies that you don’t need very complicated designs to come up with an elegant result.

    Chase Conely

  34. says

    This is absolutely fabulous, Shannon! You have such vision in creating beautiful spaces! I love the dining area … the chandie is gorgeous and all of your vignettes are awesome and so inspiring!

  35. says

    Sorry, I couldn’t help but cringe, what was that weird green wall treatment?
    Your kitchen is so lovely now, so clean and fresh. I’m in love with your decorating and the wire baskets and vases and trays… I also have the same fantasy of fresh flowers, and I just bought those same yellow daffodils! Blogger mind-meld:)


  36. says

    Well, you are something else. Here I just thought you were cute and funny and you are also TALENTED! What a sweet home you have built (rehabbed) for yourselves. It just fits your personality. I LOVE IT all! Seriously- You did a great job! xo Diana

  37. says

    Hi Shannon! Oh,my goodness! Your kitchen is gorgeous! What a transformation. I showed my tiny little kitchen and it pales to yours! How gorgeous! I love everything you’ve done!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  38. says

    Shannon, I remember seeing your kitchen when you first started blogging and I was impressed then. But it is simply amazing now with your new additions. You are so good with colors and styling your objects, not to mention your wonderful photographs. So charming!

  39. says

    Gorgeous! Love the faucet and you’re right, your splurge on the tile really tied the back splash and counter together nicely. Love the dining area…feels so luxurious yet comfortable. All those trips up and down the ladder were worth it. Your space is amazing.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  40. says

    Your kitchen makeover is one of my favorites and yes I did cringe at the before :) I love the new life y’all gave, it just shows what hard work can do with a small budget. You turned it into a beautiful, warm and welcoming spot. I love it all and the doorless cabinet looks perfect with the pop of green!
    Love it all,

  41. says

    SHANNON! It’s gorgeous! The little sneak peek you gave me was only a small fraction of the work you’ve done the last few days! Girl, Girl, GIRL! It is FABULOUS! Jealousy has a color and it’s white with a little silver and lilac thrown in. 😉 Beautiful pictures, wonderful styling, and totally you! Great job, my friend! You’re gonna win that contest… I KNOW IT!

  42. says

    I am just smitten my darling! Just beautiful in ever way. Totally magazine worthy…in fact, they would be pretty FOOLISH not to choose this Kitchen with love and warmth, and oh so cottage feel!~ You have even made me rethink the top of my cabinets LOL..not sure if I am up for the work out though.

  43. says

    My kitchen makeover is my September project and I’m so excited about it!! Your kitchen looks amazing! Love everything about it!

  44. says

    Wow – that before was some scary stuff!

    Your after is amazing! Love the cabinet with the green shelf paper – and all your beautiful collections!

    Fresh flowers – I’m with you!

    It was worth the workout to get such a great kitchen.

  45. says

    Wow, it couldn’t be more lovely. Such a transformation. Looks like the kind of space I wouldn’t want to leave. What a lot of hard work; it certainly shows!

  46. says

    Shannon it looks wonderful! I love to see how much can be done when some good ideas and good old hard work is applied! You and your husband have done a fabulous job!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  47. says

    Hi Shannon, your new kitchen looks gorgeous!! Really bright and beautiful. You have done an amazing job. Love the splash back trim and your counter tops look divine! (And yes I did cringe at the before photos, hehe!) Thanks for sharing! x Julie

  48. says

    You know how much your kitchen makes me swoon. I love every little thing about it! I’d have you & your Dad here tomorrow if I could! LOL

  49. says

    You guys did a beautiful job, Shannon! This proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the look you are after. I love the eat-in area also! Great chandy! I think the only updates we are going to make to our kitchen in the new place is a new countertop and sink/faucet. We are looking at flooring right now, so the kitchen will probably be second on the list!

  50. says

    Love all of the bright photo’s! It’s gorgeous as always Shannon, so crisp and fresh. It’s amazing to see the before and after. You all have done such fine work!

  51. says

    WOW…. I almost don’t even know what to say…it’s fabulous! Every inch of it so well done and I love all the little nooks filled with treasures.

    Beautiful Job!

    Lucky 7 Design