Our Spring Sun Room in Aqua, White & Lime

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Welcome to Fox Hollow in Spring!
I have been busy~busy here 
getting things lighter & brighter 
 in celebration of Springtime.
So of course,
Mother Nature has been 
busy~busy too…
Laughing her ass off at me.
I Can Pretend Though… Right?
I am still loving the light, airy feel of the
I made awhile back and decided it fit just right
on my shabby, china cabinet door!
My old, junky~rusty stuff 
is some of my most treasured
It’s so special too me because
I know I could never just 
walk into a store and buy something 
like this old door knob.
{with the perfect shade of blue peeking through the layers}
Mercury Glass Isn’t Just for the Holidays!
How could I hide this away?
I really enjoy the LIVELY vibe 
these faux pears add
and the fresh green color they provide.
Thanks to my neutral back rounds, 
it’s easy to layer 
that help add visual interest to a room!
My Geraniums are trying…
they are eagerly awaiting a little bit of sunshine.

{I know… but you try keeping the glass clean in constant wind & rain storms!}

On the bar… I tried to use as much white as possible to bounce the light around!

{I added some fun Aqua too by using my Beachy-Chic bench!}
Pretty things that make me smile… 
I couldn’t help but notice that my thrifted finds are taking center stage more and more. 
Like this sweet little baby cup 
with the wee little duckling on it!
… and this delicate china plate.
I had a great time changing things up
and I sure love getting to share!
Now, I need to get my Easter stuff put away…
It’s always so much more fun to get it out.
Our Spring Sun Room in Aqua, White & Lime
This content is original to Fox Hollow Cottage and belongs to Shannon Fox.
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Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage
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  1. says

    That’s it, my bags are packed I am on my way! Moving in..not just staying for a day! Shannon…. I can’t even tell you, like I am speechless. Bright, Airy, (did I spell that right? doesn’t look right) just perfect in every little way. I hope your flowers see sun and bloom pretty for you soon! In the meantime your house looks like it is blooming just fine, so enjoy it! Oh and I am a HUGE texture fan- love those pillows! Bring it ON!! -Jen

  2. says

    Hi shannon, I love the Spring redo of your room. Everything looks so fresh. I am still in AZ, finding myself a bit anxious to return home and put my Easter away. Thinking of things I am eager to pull out. Isn’t it funny how us decorating crazies love change? I would love you to share this at my party!

  3. says

    I LOVE all of it! Seriously, it is all gorgeous. I love that little bunny on wheels and all the mercury glass. All these little boys hands here would LOVE it all too {I have to decorate up high only for now!} Hope you have sunny days soon! Oh, and I live in San Diego and my windows need to be cleaned way more than yours! :)
    Laurie @ Gallamore West

  4. says

    Looks beautiful – fresh and crisp. But you rained on my parade when you mentioned taking down Easter stuff… I forgot all about having to do that till now.


  5. says

    I love every little corner, and every last “goodie”. You have great style! Thanks for sharing your ideas! ~Sally