Hot Pink Summer Pool Noodle Wreath

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Hot Pink 
Pool Noodle Wreath! 

You knew this was coming right?
I’m on a kick now!
These are so fun to make
and they are super easy to personalize.

I am so glad I picked up this new fabric from
Joann fabric and craft stores
the other day.

And a few pieces of felt too.
{I had a feeling…}

I can already see I am going to have
lot of fun playing with it!

If You Want To Make Your Very Own
Pool Noodle Wreath…
Here Are The Instructions;
You Will Need; 
1. A Pool Noodle. I grab mine at Dollar Tree.
(and have stocked up too!)
2. Clear Packing Tape
(duct tape is fine too)
3. Glue Gun
4. Scissors
5. Small amount of fabric to cover your noodle
6. Embellishments 
(I used scraps and a few buttons)
Step #1 
Grab your noodle and use your packing tape to secure the noodle into a circle.
Mine noodles are from the Dollar Tree.
Any color will do.
Step #2
After you select your fabric.
Cut or tear it into 4-6 inch wide strips
about 3 feet or more  long.
The longer the strip, the fewer seams in back.
Start be securing your first strip of fabric to your noodle with a bead of glue and start winding it around. Always ending your piece in the back. If it’s a little long trim it off.
Secure the next section with a strip of glue and continue until your noodle is covered.

Now you have a blank slate and can decorate your wreath as desired!

Step #3
If you like what I did…
here are some further instructions.

-Mini Pennant Banner-

I just cut out my shapes free hand,
I’m sure they are not perfect!!

I backed my felt with white to add a highlight and to prevent show-thru if you hang it anywhere with back lighting, like a window.

Then, I added some furry embellished string to hang the mini-pennant from.
And layered a hot pink strip to finish it off.

For an additional layer
I popped on a button too!

For my hanger, I used a coordinating pipe cleaner. I covered up the glue glob(technical crafting term), where I attached the hanger, with a little felt to finish it off and to keep it from scratching the door. Just in case ;)

I stacked
to add depth to the design.

I also added fabric flowers made out of
lightweight cotton material and felt.

To find out

Please visit the link above for a full
step-by-step photo tutorial.

To check out my
click on the link above.

These colors are so happy!
They just make me
s m i l e
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  1. says

    Now that’s what I call using your noodle ……;)
    Thanks you outdid yourself, love it! Have to try to make one.

  2. says

    Oh you really are torturing me! I love this! It’s so bright & cheerful & summery…I’m going to have to make one now. I have to.

  3. says

    I am beginning to wonder if you have an unhealthy attachment to pool noodles.
    You may need a 12-step program.
    (J/K–these are AWESOME! Love this idea. This is perfect for using up the decorator fabric I thought I would use, but didn’t.)

  4. says


    What a cute idea! I saw this over on facebook and I had to stop by so I could pin it EVERYWHERE!

    You always have the best projects!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. says

    You’re on a noodle roll!

    Reminds me of one time my nephew was swimming with his brother and I heard him scream, stop grabbing my noodle! Imagine what the neighbors must have thought!


  6. says

    Whoa! These colors make me smile, too! I can’t decide which wreath I like better…this one or the red, white and blue one?! Why didn’t I pick up a swim noodle today at the Dollar Store?