Patriotic Summer Pool Noodle Wreath-The Tutorial

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Let’s Make: A Patriotic Summer Pool Noodle Wreath 
in Red, White & Blue
This is the behind the scenes, blah-blah, talky part.
Better known as, “The Tutorial”.
Now, The reveal was all“YAY!  L@@k, I made something!”
Woo~Hoo Party Time…
(I think I like that part better?)
Anyhow… {winks}
This is a super simple project
and this is
How You Make It;

First you’ll need this;
One pool noodle.
From the dollar tree, they are the perfect size!
(no cutting required)
They really mean “wreath form”, I am sure they were just mislabeled!
Then, bend it into a circle till both ends meet.
Tape them together.
 I used clear packing tape. works great!
FYI – Glue guns don’t work. I tried ;)
Steal some denim from around the house.
If you are fresh out, run to Goodwill
(or the like) for a cheap pair of jeans.
I am lucky, my hubby has supplied me with several pair he has ripped beyond repair.
Works out well for me!
Prep your denim;
Snip them at the cuff/hem and rip upwards.
Get nice long stripes to work with.
I made mine 3 – 4 inches wide.
That is pretty general though.
I certainly didn’t measure!
Wrap your base;
Next, glue down a strip and start winding them around the base. I made sure all my seams were in the back when I needed to add a new strip. I started at what was going to be the top of my wreath and worked my way around.
Once you have your base completed, you can decorate this wreath however you like.
The beauty of denim is…
anything goes with jeans!!
I have a full, step-by-step tutorial 
it’s easy to follow, with lots of pictures! 
To make the mini-pennant;
I cut my gingham fabric into triangles, backed them with some white (no show-thru) felt for some oomph! and lightly glue gunned some of this stuff across the tops to hang it by.
I kept my mini-pennant simple.
You can add whatever you like to yours though!
And that’s about it!
You’ll Need;
1. One Dollar Tree pool noodle.
2. Some old denim/jeans.
3. A minimal amount of scrap material.
4. Some stringy type stuff ;)
5. A sheet of white felt .33 cents
{plus a little tape and a glue gun}
Thanks for stopping to see the tres’ fancy tutorial
here at Fox Hollow Cottage.
Home of Cheap & Easy!
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  1. says

    I love it. I love that you used all these ordinary items I would never think to put to use like this. Like a pool noodle!!!!

    BTW, I didn’t comment on your post, but I am totally a “winger”. Much to the detriment of my office. Winging it supplies are breeding around here.

  2. says

    Oh how adorable! You are such a creative thinker. I never would have thought of using a noodle as a wreath form. Love those mums too!

  3. says

    That is really cute…and, Lord help us, if someone is drowning that would make the cutest life saver ring I ever saw! Have a great day-xo Diana

  4. says

    I’m glad you posted a tutorial because I was wondering how you got the pool noodle to be a round wreath-like shape. You are just too clever my friend!

  5. says

    Thank you !!! My daughter does the 4th of July family picnic…I will make her one of these wreaths.Smiles, Susie