Spanish Lavender, Rhododendrons and Roses, Oh My!

Spanish Lavender, Rhododendrons and Roses, Oh My!
The Flowers of Fox Hollow: A peek at what our garden grows.
We do have a few things the deer don’t like ;)
Spanish Lavender, Rhododendrons…
and Roses that are so prolific,
we have enough to share!

These are a few of the blooms on the big rose bush we have between our house, and Rose Wood Cottage where my
mother in law lives.
It’s about the size of a VW Bug.
It will be covered in pink anytime now and you will be able to smell it on the breeze.
 I wish I knew all the proper names for the different varieties of Rhodie’s we have on our property.
Spanish Lavender works out great for us… the deer avoid it and the bees love it.
So we have a lot!
 The evergreens are sporting tons of  new growth.
It looks like all the tips have all been dipped in bright green!
And soon… we will be bursting with berries!

Things are starting to bloom around here!
It’s so welcome to finally be getting some sun.

Our Summers are so gorgeous here on the Oregon Coast. It makes it worth waiting through the long Winters and rainy Spring seasons just to have these few, blissful months.

I’ll share more soon.

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  1. says

    Mother Nature is now giving you what you were wanting a while back…no more rain and she added the beauty of your surroundings!

  2. says

    Just came in from weeding and trimming bushes, and after filling two trash bags… It’s benadryl time, and I sat down to read my favorite blogs. I LOVE your photos, and especially the Spanish Lavendar! I’ve never seen that before. Thanks for making such a special “pinning picture” — because that’s what I did… pinned it right away on a “Flowers for our Garden” board. Beautiful! Have a wonderful day, Shannon!

  3. says

    They are sooo gorgeous! It is getting hot, hot, hot here, so we are watering away to keep the blooms coming. I have french lavender, but I think I like yours better…such huge blooms!


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