Summer Wreath in Patriotic Red, White and Blue Denim

I sure had fun getting crafty this weekend.
I made a Summer Wreath in Patriotic Red, White & Blue Denim 
from a Dollar Tree pool noodle!
We had sunshine on Saturday and our family took advantage by getting out in our yard and tackling some projects. We BBQ’ed that evening and had a super dinner! The boys made my mother in law and I breakfast on Sunday and I went to see Dark Shadows with a friend in the afternoon, then relaxed and did some crafting in the evening.It was a perfect day!

I was really excited to try making another wreath.  I made my first one ever, a coffee filter wreath, back in January, and I’ve been wanting to make another one ever since!


I recently heard you could use a
pool noddle as a wreath form!?
Well, that sounded pretty thrifty to me.
I grabbed one from the dollar tree, used an old pair of jeans, added some scrap fabric and
made a fun, Summertime wreath.
This was a totally relaxing project.
Loving that the pool noodle was only $1!
The jeans (my denim fabric) were torn and totally un repairable, so this was a super way to re use them!
The fabric that I used to make all the flowers was just scrap I have had forever.
This is an easy, entry level project anyone could manage.
(and probably with scraps from around the house and a $1!)
That made it…
“Cheap & Easy”
{which fits my very strict criteria}
 I’ll post a “start-to-finish” tutorial on how 
I made this later in the week.
Since I couldn’t wait to share!
Tip Junkie handmade projects
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