Glass Bottle and Tin Can Repurpose

Glass Bottle and Tin Can Repurpose

Tin Cans & Tequila Bottles 

Repurposing and Reusing

{shabby style!}

After I got drunk the other night… just Kidding!! hehehe
Actually, I have been saving a bag full of tins cans for months now and I knew I needed to get my tail in gear and actually
DO something with them. My big kick in the pants was seeing this gorgeous photo on facebook. I really liked it and wanted to try to make something similar for myself!

RedEggBoutique on Etsy

So, I raided my jewelry drawer of all the sparkly stuff I love, but let’s face it… never wear, grabbed my trusting glue gun,
some scrap ribbon and got busy!
Sparkly stuff like this ponytail/pin.
I have never worn this. Not one single time.
I used my needle nose pliers and yanked that stuff right off!
I did a little mixology to get the aqua shade I was lusting after using Then, I grabbed my trusty Purdy paint brush and slipped some on my can and bottle, then worked on a little something else while they dried.
Note: *I’m sure you can use any of the new glass approved craft paints, or even some Maison Blanche paint, as it grabs the glass really well too!
When they were good and dry, I used a little steal wool to distress them. I like the silver showing through the paint on the can a lot!
I bought this last Fall at Good Will.
I didn’t even realize it was a tequila bottle until I got home. Then I felt a little funny paying a $1.50 for it, but, it’s a cool shape! I never used it for that idea I had, so it’s been sitting around pretty lonely since then!
I think it looks much prettier now.
I already enjoy the sparkle lots more on this bottle,
then I ever did in my jewelry drawer!

The Jasmine is blooming, along with the Roses…

A little ribbon scrap was all that I needed for a simple embellishment.

A few twists, and I had a rose for an accent.


These tiny pink roses are so fragrant… just the two blooms were enough to perfume the air while I took these photographs.

This craft cost me;
 $1.50 for the bottle, one piece of old jewelry, ribbon scrap and a tiny bit of paint.
That fits my criteria of “Cheap & Easy” perfectly.
This Pineapple Mint is the best smelling stuff ever… plus, the deer do not eat it.
I have a few plants and when the breeze picks it up the backyard smells like heaven!
So, I have got one can painted.
… with about 25 more to go!
I think I better find another craft…
I hope you liked my silly glass bottle and tin can repurpose.
I had fun sharing it with you.

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  1. says

    what a fantastic recycling idea; I just love how they turned out. I can’t wait to try some of these and I’m pretty sure I’ve got some of those sparkly ‘never worn’ barretts too.

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Perfect then! Yep, that is the most use that hair bauble ever got!!

  2. says

    Love how the bottles turned out would really love to make some for our house. Love the colour you chose to do them.

  3. Brenda says

    Beautiful! I have tons of cans and tequila bottles…I knew they would be good to keep! One question…I can’t find white chalk paint? Thanks for sharing!

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Me too. Loads of cans. I just love crafting with them!! I have a true white, Magnolia, available in the Maison Blanche La Craie line, if you need some, let me know!

  4. Beverly Hartman says

    I just love your website!!!! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful projects, ideas, comments with us.

  5. says

    Shannon, I love these! They are beautiful! Your kitchen at HomeTalk looks gorgeous, btw. Sorry you’re having problem with your pics. Tech issues can be so frustrating!

  6. says

    These turned out so pretty!! I love the color and the distressing! It’s definitely something I’d like to try. Pinned! I’d love for you to share this at my link party tomorrow.

  7. says

    I have seen these featured several places and had to pop over and see them for myself! Great job! Isn’t it so fun that the simplest things can be the most awesome!!

  8. says

    Shannon, I love them! Their so shabby-chicy – and oh, so lovely! The rose and jasmine look beautiful next to them. Fantastic idea!

    Blessings for a fragrant day,

  9. says

    Oh my goodness–this is the cutest thing ever! I am going to shamelessly copy you. These are beyond adorable. The color you came up with is perfect! Now I have to save a can or two:)

  10. says

    It’s amazing to me how the cutest things are often the most doable and affordable. You really created a beautiful effect!

  11. says

    Oh I love them. Such a great idea and the color is wonderful. Love the sparkle too. The flowers make such a pretty vignette. Thanks for joining TTT. I am happy to be a follower of yours now too. Hugs, Marty

  12. says

    Very pretty! Love the color of blue that you picked. Really like how you added the rustic look by sanding some of the paint off so the metal and glass show through. I have been saving cans to for crafts. Think I will just have to give this a try. Thank you for sharing.

  13. says

    Oh gosh, Shannon! These are just GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for sharing how you got that fabulous effect. I saw your post over at “Tutes and Tips” link party.

  14. says

    Woo hoo to you! Just saw you on Roadkill rescue!

    Did you know there is a Cece Caldwell fan page? You should like it if you haven’t yet and link this up! I link up projects there all the time. Great way to drive more traffic to your awesomeness here.

  15. says

    What great transformations! Don’t feel bad about paying $1.50 for the bottle…I paid $2 for one at an auction. From the distance I was at it looked like a nice decanter. Oh well…now I can make it beautiful like yours! Pinning it.

  16. says

    what beautiful accents, love the color and the way you distressed them, they look lovely, the fabric roses are beautiful too!

  17. says

    So cute, and I think one of my Hydrangeas would look fabulous in either one of these cute little containers….if you ever get tired of them and want to send them on to me…..I love the idea of using all the little sparkly knicky knacks you had on hand. I should go raid my kid’s bathroom. There has got to be some of those hair bands in there that they will never miss……

  18. says

    Holy Cheap Amazing Cute Smart Craft- you need to get drunk more often 😉 I LOVE that shape of the bottle and the roses, pineapple mint, everything you have hanging out looks so very pretty! Great job!!

  19. says

    Oh my goodness that is just the cutest idea EVER!!! I have so much sparkly stuff in my jewelry box that I never wear…can’t wait to
    re-purpose to something like these little beauties!!!

  20. says

    Oh girl, I love these! As I type this, I have a jar drying that I just painted. How funny is that? You painted the outside of the bottle though? I love that flower that you made too. Let me tell you, yours came out even better than the originals! I have to pin these…love!

  21. says

    FABulous idea, Shannon! You are always up to somethingn so fun and creative … LOVE it! Keep on drinking so you can make some more. LOL

  22. says

    Now I’ve got that PeeWee Herman Tequila song in my head!!

    Since my summer cocktail of choice is my fabulous margarita – I’ll have to save my tequila bottles so I can be just as blinged out as you!

    Never heard of pineapple mint – think it would be good in my mojitos?

  23. says

    oh Shannon I just LOVE this project! So pretty and so YOU!!~ Pineapple jasmine smells so good. My friend has some in her garden..or is that sage? None the less I can smell it from here. Great project. I am pinning these puppies, hey why not, we are on a roll, and besides these are AWESOME!