Sun Room Bar Repurposed Wood Countertop

Sun Room Bar Repurposed Wood Countertop

We decided to do something this weekend that we’ve been toying with for a long time!

We put in a brand new countertop on the bar in the sun room. 
Well, kinda~sorta new…
We repurposed some weathered cedar fence boards
into a new countertop and we love it.
It might not be for everyone…
(in fact I am sure it’s not)
but it floats our boat
and we are thrilled with it.
The timeworn, chippy aqua paint job
just adds to the rustic charm.
It’s perfect in my eyes.
If you have ever read my blog before and seen this area decorated, you’ll know we don’t use this bar to eat at.

I basically just decorate in here.

Well, not basically.
I just decorate in here, who am I kidding!

So, the finish does not have to be functional or stand up to food and drink.
We had free reign to use whatever we wanted  as a counter material.
I just knew those old fence boards were
destined for something special and I am so glad I saved them for this project.
Bonus=It cost nothing.
Zero $’s
We did not have to buy so much as a saw blade!
I have to give every drop of credit on this project to my husband Jim.
He did all the actual 
“turning it into a counter business”.
I am a lucky girl!
In fact, If you ever hear me grumble about him.
Feel free to kick me.
(Just not in my bad knee please.)
I’ll share how we did it soon.
But for now,
I Just Had To Show You!!
I love our sun room bar repurposed wood countertop so much!
It’s got such a cool feeling in person.
I wish we had vibe-a-vision!
Stay tuned for more happenings on the blog!
I still have a fireplace… swear ;)

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