Sun Room Bar Repurposed Wood Countertop

Sun Room Bar Repurposed Wood Countertop

We decided to do something this weekend that we’ve been toying with for a long time!

We put in a brand new countertop on the bar in the sun room. 
Well, kinda~sorta new…
We repurposed some weathered cedar fence boards
into a new countertop and we love it.
It might not be for everyone…
(in fact I am sure it’s not)
but it floats our boat
and we are thrilled with it.
The timeworn, chippy aqua paint job
just adds to the rustic charm.
It’s perfect in my eyes.
If you have ever read my blog before and seen this area decorated, you’ll know we don’t use this bar to eat at.

I basically just decorate in here.

Well, not basically.
I just decorate in here, who am I kidding!

So, the finish does not have to be functional or stand up to food and drink.
We had free reign to use whatever we wanted  as a counter material.
I just knew those old fence boards were
destined for something special and I am so glad I saved them for this project.
Bonus=It cost nothing.
Zero $’s
We did not have to buy so much as a saw blade!
I have to give every drop of credit on this project to my husband Jim.
He did all the actual 
“turning it into a counter business”.
I am a lucky girl!
In fact, If you ever hear me grumble about him.
Feel free to kick me.
(Just not in my bad knee please.)
I’ll share how we did it soon.
But for now,
I Just Had To Show You!!
I love our sun room bar repurposed wood countertop so much!
It’s got such a cool feeling in person.
I wish we had vibe-a-vision!
Stay tuned for more happenings on the blog!
I still have a fireplace… swear 😉

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    You could hire your husband out because I think a whole lot of us would only dream of a countertop like that. It is unbelievably cool. How fun to have a dedicated decorative spot that is such a treat for the eyes – color, style and all. A complete success!

  2. says

    Whoa! How did I miss this??? Truly amazing girl! I would love to have a countertop like that. I kind of want to do a little corner bar area in my little breakfast nook…how do you think that would stand up to actual use? With some sealer maybe???

  3. says

    Shannon! I just LOVE this idea! The color of the boards reminds me of the great color that you used on the post you did about tin cans and tequila bottles being painted turquoise. I saw that this was featured at “Wow Us Wednesdays”…congrats!

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    You are a lucky girl! Your hubby did an excellent job! Those counter tops definitely float my boat! They are amazing! What a great look. Fantastic. Inspiring! I am happy to be a new follower!

  5. says

    Can you tell me where you found your tiered wire holder that has the coffee cups on it? I am looking for one for my kitchen, too. I would apprecitate it. Thanks

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    First time visiting! I really enjoyed your post! I am loving the time worn wood counter pieces! The color is my favorite! I am following! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  7. says

    I just can’t stop being obsessed with this counter top. I am coming to visit the counter top, instead of you coming to visit me. Oh, and it would be so nice to visit you too! I am featuring at my party tomorrow, everyone needs to see this!

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    AAAMAZing! What a cool idea and I love the old fence and the color you painted it! Brilliant! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share this idea and enter my giveaway too.

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    This certainly floats my boat! I absolutely love it! The chipped paint is just glorious and adds so much charm to your lovely decorations.


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    Well I sure wish that was MY boat floatin’! It’s beautiful!!! I have a handy husband like you, and I am still in the honeymoon phase of our own project-so I know where you are at! He just built me a custom farmer’s table home office desk! Ir’s 7 feet long; all kinds of custom sized cubbies & shelves. I SO LOVE IT. We are blessed, with hubbies like these!
    Enjoy your new bar!

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    SOOOOOOO very very lovely, Shannon!!! you must be THRILLED! And gotta love the price tag;) Woohoo on that one! XOXO Liz@NaptimeDecorator

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    Hey Shannon..this is awesome and so pretty! I love it, love it!! This would even gO on my kitchen which is not the country look. I also love the beautiful arrangement of things you did. Your two mugs caught my eye caz I have the very same ones and right now I’m drinking green tea from one, lol.. Enjoy your week.

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    As Nancy previously said, it would float my boat too! Positively fabulous!!! You guys did a fantastic job, and it sounds like you have a great hubby! I love your blog and I’m now a follower :)

    -Amanda @

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    This would float my boat too! I just Love it! and it’s just my color too!! Thanks for sharing Shannon!!

    Huggs, Nancy

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    That really caught my eye while looking at post links!
    It is too fabulous!! The chippy aqua paint is the crowning glory. I love how you have it vignetted. I am pinning it!

  16. says

    I love it. And when I come over I’m gonna set my coffee cup on the bar as I stand and admire the decorating.

    No one does aqua like you.


  17. says

    OMG this turned out just gorgeous!!!
    You’ve got me thinking now – ( and that can be a very dangerous thing lol )
    You’re newest follower – would love to have you come by and follow back when you can

  18. says

    Shannon, Your fence wood bar is out of this world!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! The color and patina are gorgeous. What a great idea you had.
    Mary Alice

  19. says

    I noted that it is live!!!! Oh my goodness, I LOVE these so much. I am thinking where in my house I can do this too. I LOVE!!! This is so my kind of Redoux, and I love that you didn’t have to buy one single new thing, but got a whole new look in your home. It is absolute perfection!

  20. says

    Shut the front freakin door! That is amazing! I love old fence boards, I used one to make a rack with hooks for my bathroom…I am just…well, sort of almost speechless…

  21. says

    I love this! I mean it. I want it. My husband is soon going to re-do our whole fence and I will have a whole bunch of fence boards. So I need to go back and read again–but what is that color and how did you get the chippy done so well? It looks like Milk paint maybe. I am so excited to try the chalk paint. I am just obsessed with paint :)

  22. says

    Woah. Jim gets some MAJOR brownie points! Love, love, love, gonna come in the middle of the night and steal it. Now, that’s real love. 😉 I know you’re enjoying it so much! Beautiful!!!!

  23. says

    Simply Amaaazing!! I am drooling here. Shannon you and the Mr. did an outstanding job. I am sharoing this with my Mr. :-) Been asking for a reclaimed wood under the bar wall ( you know.. where the feet hit) and Now I just added a bar as well.
    He said thanks Shannon … I am in LOVE with your new sun room bar!!!
    Cheers, Gee