Home Decor and Craft Storage; I am Victorious!

I have beaten back the hoards of zombies!
I mean, my Christmas decor 
and stray pool noodles.
My Home Decor & Craft Storage 
Is Now Organized.
for today anyway.
(you didn’t see that)
Well it looks like promising to share 
worked this time!! 
Unlike my repeated promise to get that 
fireplace makeover post up…
I hope you guys don’t need therapy with all my broken promises? That could get expensive on my bloggers salary of oh, about $2 a day. 
Yesterday… I left you here;
 as of right now, 
this very minute… 
that room looks like this;
Matching tote update;
I still don’t have all matching totes. 
And yes, it still irritates me.
Okay, now onto the post…
I think If I add bins to the 2 black shelving units I can get even better storage from them.  
 They have some fun treasure on them I’ve found out thrifting that I have yet to share!
I made sure to leave a spot for extra rugs. 
I didn’t do that last time and those suckers were in the way from the very get go!

I stacked the totes on the right, floor to ceiling by putting the super light ones towards the top. My tea cart full of craft supplies will easily pull out to the living room when I need it. It’s parked in the perfect spot.
 Yes I have 3 brand new lamps. 
Don’t you?
(I should at least part with a set…)
Maybe you’ll see those on facebook soon?
I was going to re work this armoire into more detailed craft storage with bins for all the tiny stuff but that can wait for another day. For now, it hold my sewing machine and scrap booking/card making supplies.
I really got in all 
the nooks & crannies 
this time!
I used wooden hangers to put my plate racks back behind the chairs and fill in that void.
Another wood hanger was used to store a few lightweight items from the back side of the chair rungs. Adding a huge, long nail to hang bulky iron stuff right on the wall filled in another unused space.
These two black racks down the center of the room were the best solution for getting 
the most storage possible while still 
being able to get to everything.
There are still a few tweaks I can make. 
It’s definitely a work in progress.
This room is all about function. 
It’s not cute or fancy. 
It’s hard working and I try to get 
as much out of as I can. 
Maybe one day when I have oodles of extra time (and money) I’ll make it all cute & coordinated.
but… today is not that day.
PS-Thanks for stopping by!
It sure helped keep me on task knowing 
I was sort of accountable to someone.
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  1. karin says

    Shannon….my storage always looks like BEFORE!!! even after I clean it..LOL!! :)
    You can come organize mine anytime!

  2. says

    It looks like a very peaceful place to work. It doesn’t have to be decorator perfect to feel at peace. I have been the “what not do” picture many times. I still have a few stacks of those around here. Hopefully this weekend I will get my shelves up and make another dent in my office. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. says

    Now I’m feeling like a craft and DIY blog “fail” … I don’t have nearly that much stuff to re-craft and re-work. Who knew I needed all those extra lamps? And the rugs? I don’t have extra rugs!

    Bravo for you for getting it under control. I, too, have dreams of a super fun and organized craft armoire …



  4. says

    Your before pictures look better than my now in my craft room. Mine needs LOTS of organizing, I just keep putting it off. I would say that you’ve given me the get-up-and-go that I need but I would be lying. (grin) Yeah for you though on getting yours done!

  5. says

    You did it! I know it took alot of time & energy, but you should be proud.

    My stuff is stored in the basement and my husband refers to it as “the warehouse”. lol

    Hey, what’s that copper thing on the top of the black rack? 😀

  6. says

    Wow! Now that’s some great storage you’ve got going on! It’s so hard sometimes to see all the stuff we have and then decide how to neaten it up! At least you’ve got a great place to store it. Now get in the car and go buy you a chocolate milk shake! You deserve it after all of your organizing.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelai 😉

  7. says

    I always wonder where everyone in blog land stores all their pretties while not in use. Wow, you have made great progress in getting organized. Love all the pillows on display it looks like a pier one store. Great job:)