Cottage Farmhouse Kitchens {inspiring in white}

Cottage Farmhouse Kitchens {inspiring in white}

What is it about a white kitchen?

Cottage, Classic… Farmhouse.

Doesn’t matter.

If it’s a kitchen.. and it’s white,
You can be pretty sure I’ll love it.

Throw in dark wood floors… and I might jump up & down a little.

Add marble or soapstone counter tops and I’ll probably {squeal} so high only your dog can hear!


I realized just how much I really do adore the “white” kitchen look when I was looking over my Kitchen Love Pinterest board and noticed almost every single kitchen I’ve got pinned has an overwhelming, if not all white palette.

When we bought our current home, we were working with a contractor. Well, let’s just say that did not go very well… and the end, we were left with a greatly reduced budget.

After “parting ways” with the bad man. lol.
My husband, my dad & I, ended up renovating our home ourselves.

Unfortunately, with the major hit our budget took we were forced to pick finishes, kitchen included, based on price and not so much on what I wanted, which even then was a white kitchen.

While we went as light as possible and I’m thankful for what we have…
I still daydream in white.

Jim and I are planning to install new wood floors on the upper level of our home in the Spring (fingers crossed) and it got me scheming pondering… maybe I should paint our cabinets before we put the new floors in?

I’m thinking a little Magnolia might be  just the ticket… 😉

ROSE - 600 x 25 rose border

I’d like to share some of my very, most favorite white kitchens with you now.

they inspire.
and make my heart light.


The following two kitchens boast soapstone counters.

The chunky, rustic beam in this one is amazing!

We had a beamed ceiling at the last house, there were more… but they were definitely not as fabulous as the one above!

I didn’t have my pretty chandy up in this picture.
Just a cheapy place holder while the house was up for sale.
I knew I was not leaving without her 😉

We had Myrtle Wood counter tops at that house too.
They were custom made, right in town!

Back to the Soapstone…
This one’s got it, plus so many more elements I adore.
Subway tile, open shelves, matching farm sink.

If you follow The House of Turquoise, you may have seen these photos.

Beautifulk Kitchen Ideas and Design

from Erin Olsen’s Cool Kitchens Pinterest Board.

The open shelf style cabinet over the window is a beautiful touch.

White Kitchen Cottage Farmhouse Wood Counters and Floors

Joan has one of the most gorgeous blogs I’ve ever visited.

Each room is charming and warm, with a casual elegance.

This kitchen dressed for Christmas is an all time favorite!
It’s top to bottom… perfection. I always stop in my tracks when I see it somewhere.

White and Wood Christmas Kitchen Marble and More

This one is another huge favorite!
It’s great mix & balance of color and decorating styles. Expertly blended.


This one is great top to bottom! The ceiling is fabulous. Our to-do list includes adding some sort of feature to our existing ceiling but we have not made a firm choice as to what that might be yet. It’s fun looking and getting ideas though!

White Coastal Kitchen Wood Floor Range Hood Nautical Lighting

Kitchen Inspiration Open Cabinets Marble Counters

That I thought I’d go for a few open cabinets too!

I removed my cabinet doors on the far side of our kitchen and I’ve never looked back .

Kitchen #open cabinets

I love that I can see my goodies so much better now! It really makes a difference and I’m so happy I did it. I kept the shelf liner backed look for a bit, but I have made a change since then.

Open Kitchen Cabinet DIY Makeover

It’s fun being able to make changes as my tastes do! You can see the complete project here.

Anyone who has read me more then once will know why this kitchen made the cut 😉

Big Beautiful Mixed Finsih Kitchen White Wood Aqua Island

This one is very grand with that sea of marble..
but it’s just so dreamy to look at.

Pretty sure the ART in this shot is the star of this kitchen!

Vintage Pharmacy Art Kitchen Detail

And then, we have a much more casual vibe in this
farmhouse feel kitchen that has a great balance of open, glass front & chalkboard painted cabinets.

Diy Casual Country Kitchen

I’d have this sink in a hot minute!!

Even though it’s not the under mount style that 
I’ve had on my wish list forever.


White Kitchens.

Shabby, Cottage Style, Rustic to Romantic,
Farmhouse, French or Country…

I love them all.

What’s your dream kitchen style?


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  1. says

    Oh my good grief, have mercy – those are some beautiful kitchens!! I think I too have pinned a couple of those. I just posted our kitchen reveal as part of my “31 Days” series. If we weren’t renting my kitchen would be white already. And that one kitchen with the seafoamy / aqua island… just kill me now. :) Our bedroom is all greens and blues. I have a serious problem with that blue and would have it everywhere.
    Thank you SO much for the inspiration!! (found you over at RedHeadCanDecorate btw!)
    Claire – ALittleClaireification

  2. says

    I love them all! Especially Joan’s, when I first found her blog, I’m sure she thought I was stalking her :).
    All of your makeovers are beautiful, love your vision.

  3. says

    I’ve pinned many of the same kitchens. That long apron sink is to die for! I have that one, but now I have several more to add to my kitchen pin board. Thanks!

  4. says

    Oh Shannon I love this post. My dream kitchen is very simple. I’d like it to be new. My kitchens have all been sort of old. I’ve made inexpensive changes but someday I would love to have the whole kit and caboodle. Something that’s totally me. Who knows? Maybe someday…

  5. says

    Shannon!!! Why do you do this to me!!! You just put something in my head. It’s really crazy, sort of. I’m heading for the paint girl. I’ll fill you in soon! Those kitchens are gorgeous. I can totally picture you in the turquoise island one. ~ Julie

  6. says

    Shannon, I’m right there with you. I love white kitchens, and I think that all of my kitchens on my Pinterest board are white, too! I am bookmarking this post so I can enjoy it later.

    I think my very favorite one is the one with the farmhouse sink, open shelving, and subway tiles….*le sigh*….

    Lovely post! Thanks for putting it together for us!


  7. says

    Shannon… I love all of these charming kitchens. I might would be tempted with the white if my little girls were a little older….I’d spend too much time cleaning. Your favorite accent has recently become one of my favorites as well. It is such a great color.

  8. says

    I am so tempted to paint my cabinets! It as such a big deal when we built our house and we were so excited to have knotty pine….
    Now…..I.Want.White. I just don’t know if I can do it. Good luck in your quest! Loved the pics! Love, Me

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    Many of your your blog friends have supported my blog Kitsch n Stuff

    I am on a roll…a blog roll to add lots of vintage, retro, collectibles blogs to my blog roll and ask others to add my blog Kitsch n Stuff to their blog rolls. I just added you to my blog and hope that you might add me.

    Also is there anyway you could ask your blog friends if they would like to participate? Im looking to link with more vintage, retro, mod , fun blogs THANKS


  10. says

    There all wonderfully white, whatever you choose will be grand. I say go for it and paint your cabinets. Hope you do, and can’t wait to see them:)

  11. says

    I’m right there with you all the way on the white kitchens. That is until I see a crazy colorful vintage kitchen…then I’m torn!

  12. says

    I am in love with white sleek kitchens too! In fact the one with the big blue island has been on my kitchen inspiration board for like 2 years… I was going to do something like that, but… My house was calling for something more, so that’s what it got LOL! Heart you!!!!