How To Make A Coffee Filter Wreath {with burlap roses}

Hi there – I’m sharing a tutorial today!
How to Make a Coffee Filter Wreath
{with burlap roses}

Hope no one was holding their breath?

You see, I shared a
oh… about 4 7 9 months ago.
(Holy crap, I could have had a BABY!?)
In that post, I mentioned I’d share a tutorial.
I lied. Obviously.
Because I never did that.
I’m so bad!
(Note to self; “You have GOT to stop making promises!”)
Oh, I posted how-to pics on facebook.
But I never got an actual tutorial posted.
Well today, I got an email from a reader.
You guessed it.
She was looking for a tutorial. 
The one on how to make a coffee filter wreath.
You know.. the one I never wrote.
> feeling like a heel! <
I am fired.
I should flogged.
Blog flogged!
So Thank-You Teri Wolfe.
For lighting a fire under my booty 😉
Here Is Your Tutorial
(using the best of the 9 month old pictures I took!)
You Will Need;
1. A wreath form.
   Mine is a Dollar Tree cheapy.
2. Fabric to cover the form. (white is recommended!)
   I used some white scrap fabric I had hanging around.
3. Glue and Glue Gun.
*Low temp is fine and what I used.
4. Coffee Filters! I used about 75 for my fat little wreath.
You can get these at the Dollar Tree.
5. Burlap. (optional for flowers)
You can use any fabric you like to match your decor!
 Step One
Cut your fabric into a long strip (or 2) and wrap it around your wreath, then secure with glue. This will camouflage your wreath form and give your filters a little something more to stick to.

(like this fast-forward shot below)

Step Two
Get your filters and get comfy!
You’ll start be scrunching them up (so technical)
and getting the bottom into a point.

Then fluff out the ends and straighten up.

Finally, twist & pinch the end.
They will look like this.

Step Three

Start gluing. It’ll feel like a slow start to get the wreath looking full, but keep going and fill them in. I glued about a thumbs length of the twisted end section onto the wreath form.
See, it’s getting fluffier!!
This is the backside.
You can see I add a few to fan out on the sides and get a fuller, more uniform look.
I figure.. as long as it looks good from the front, right?
The wall won’t know 😉
I added some burlap roses to mine.
I thought it needed a little more texture and interest, which worked out great, because it’s even more versatile with that pinch of burlap.

Click here for a Simple, DIY Tutorial on How To Make  Burlap (or any fabric) rose and flowers!

After all that fluffing, gluing and flower making.. you should have yourself a wreath that looks something like this.

I think the coffee filter wreaths are sort of like fingerprints… so it won’t be exact!
Just love the wreath YOU made.
Mine is a little wonky, but it grew on me.

Update; and funnily enough… was later featured in FOLK magazine.
Just goes to show, ya never know!?

I’ve since made lots of flowers.
I find so many ways to use them.

More Fabric Flowers Here.

I’ve had my wreath hanging somewhere in the house since I made it. I just love it.
I think the burlap flowers made it much more versatile.

Simple, Natural Fall Mantel.

Hope the tutorial for creating a Coffee Filter Wreath of your own was easy to follow!

If you have any questions, message me, I am happy to help.

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How To Make A Coffee Filter Wreath {with burlap roses}




  1. says

    Way Cool – coffee filters. Who Knew? I love your coffee filter wreath and I don’t think it’s wonky at all. Thanks for sharing – I found you at Savvy Southern Style.

  2. says

    Your coffee filter wreath is ANYthing but wonky, Shannon! I LOVE it … and, thank you for the fabulous tutorial … I must try!

  3. says

    nawwww..girl you could never be fired. Well worth the wait on the tut. Excellent job. This is where I would want to come and learn..certainly not on my tut LOL.

  4. says

    Shannon…those are the cutest wreaths of all. I need to make one. I got burnt out of wreath making last year with burlap. These look easier and cleaner to make. Very cute – for all year!