There’s Some New Storage in Town!

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There’s Some New Storage in Town! 

Thanks to my handy-hubby, our sun room is sporting some new shelves.


Which are perfect for storing my
Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint stock.

How Convenient Right? 
Now my paint & samples are alphabetized & organized.
Totally makes me feel Zen!

I love making our home work hard for us.
Our life.
And our individual needs.

This isn’t a fancy project, but it’s our latest and I thought I would share.

After committing to the new/old
fence board counter tops in the sun room,
we knew we would not be making
any drastic changes anytime soon.
(we had considered cabinets and real counter tops)

So! We figured we would take advantage
of all that empty space AND give
my paint stock a perfect new home.

A Win-Win!!

Next on my list.
A little camouflage.

I have a few ideas, but sometimes it takes me a bit to work it over and think it through.
Maybe I’ll gather some pictures and ask you guys for some help?

We were lucky enough to have a bit of extra wood on hand from another project! We Jim ripped it down to size on the table saw to fit our needs and got to work.

All we had to do was buy some shelf brackets and a few connectors for the corners.

Jim screwed the shelf brackets
on the shelves so they were good to go!

We set up the laser level and screwed
the shelf brackets into the wall making
sure everything was nice and straight.



After some clean up, they are filled
and working like a dream.

The corner pieces offer extra strength
and they hold the weight no problem!
(these were a temporary idea, we’ll be adding some
perfectly matched pieces soon.)

Jim wanted to router all the shelves and stain them.. but I thought it was sort of silly to spend the time and energy on that when I knew I was going to cover them up. I’m not that fussy about things that are really just for function.
It was very sweet though!

If you have any ideas for how to
finish this area off..
Please share!
I am open to suggestions.

Happy Halloween to All.

It’s nasty and stormy here.
Which means, all the kids will go to the mall.
We won’t get any trick or treat visitors.
Have fun with your little ones and cherish these times.
Next thing you know, they will be 16.
{sniff sniff}

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  1. Cyndi W. says

    Playing catch-up here. LOVE the countertops and the storage underneath!!! Did you ever do a follow-up showing the curtains you put in front? If so, I can’t seem to find it. LOVE your site! :)

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      HaHaHa… that would be a big, fat, NO. I have not done them yet. Tick-tock though… the shower is in a few weeks and I must get it done. I don’t always stay on task well. lol

  2. says

    niceeeee!!! I love how organized you are!!! and what a perfect use for the space! Thanks for inspiring me to get my husband to work building me shelves!

  3. says

    First, I need to get myself a laser level. That’s going on my Christmas wish list!!

    Second, I like the idea of finishing the corners off with the fencing (do you still have some?) and the drop cloth curtains sound perfect. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  4. says

    Perfect way to use that “wasted” space! I am also on a mission! Card catalog is all organized and it’s onto the boy’s rom and closet (hey, I’ll take what space I can get!!). I like the curtains idea!
    Thanks for the inspiration! Good job to your Hubby!! :)
    – Claire

  5. says

    Count me in with the drop cloth curtains, Shannon! If you have room under the “cap” shelf to install some rods, that would give you plenty of room to get in there. And if you use clip on rings, they will slide over nicely for you when you need to remove or add stock to your shelves. Great idea to use dead space for storage!

  6. says

    Love the shelfs… I like neat & organized space. This looks great and with the curtains it will look great.

    It is cold here & with many areas still witout power, trick or treating was quick & easy. Not many out. But, I enjoyed dressing my girls in cute little costumes.

    The storm set me back, but hoping to get to use some of my new paints tomorrow…its my plan anyway. I will post before & after photos.

  7. says

    Hi Shannon- Your shelves are wonderful. I am going to be working downstairs on our little project here in the next week or so- Do you suppose your hubby would come put up some shelves for me…um…I can cook and bake and play music while he is working!

    I went with the grands trick-or-treating for a while tonight and it was such a memory jogger back to when my own kids were that age. Where DOES the time go? xo Diana

  8. says

    I think drop cloth curtains would look great with the old wood countertops above. It is so nice to utelize those wasted spaces in our homes, isn’t it? I need some of that La Craie paint!!

  9. says

    I agree with drop cloth panels…or you could do shutters…or some combination of both. The shelf above them is perfect…you can “gray” your new wood using steel wool and vinegar and then paint it to match if you’d like. Not sure if you’ve done it before or not but I have and I’m willing to help :) xo

  10. says

    I love it!! I love the idea of the drop cloth curtains too… now you’ve got my wheels turning. I’ve using my patio as my art studio and been trying to come up with ideas for it and the shed. I have too many ideas lately :)