Table Centerpiece Vignette {Fall/Thanksgiving}


Table Centerpiece Vignette {Fall/Thanksgiving}

Here I am with a Cheap & Easy Table Centerpiece Decor for Fall or Thanksgiving
Using… you guessed it!
Tin. Cans.
I know, I know… but they are so handy.

And I like that they are free, so just about anyone can afford to dress them up and decorate with them.
Ya gotta love that.
(don’t you ?)

Well, if you do… then grab a few cans, some paint, embellishments and let’s get busy.

Okay now, besides drying time, you can whip up a bunch in about 30 minutes or so!

Once you gather them together on a tray
(everything looks better in a grouping)
and pop some $5 market flowers in one or two.. well, you’ve got yourself some pretty cute decor for super cheap!

To Make Your Own;

1. Gather empty cans.
Tips; I soak mine in the sink for a few minutes to loosens the labels. Then, they peel right off! I also run mine through the dishwasher just to make sure they are nice and clean.
2. Pop some paint on your cans. (any craft paint will do, even flat house paint will suffice)
My colors; I’m a La Craie retailer and I used Maison Blanche paint company’s La Craie paint in Magnolia, Cayenne and Pecan on my cans.
3. Decorate; Once dry, distress with steel wool or a sanding block (if you like). Then, decorate to suit using fabric, ribbon, burlap, jute twine or any embellishment you desire. A glue gun works great for adhering your embellishments.

I have a few vintage show clips I’ve used
and I really like the sparkle they add!

For these two, I stole the leaves off an
old candle ring I was getting rid of anyway.
It was tacky and dated looking.
The leaves came in super handy in a singular state.
You can really layers up just about anything.
A vintage shoe clip, some twine.. it’s all good.

I bet earrings would work great too!
Just break the back off or remove the clip mechanism. There are lots of singles floating around.. I’m sure they would just love to feel useful again 😉

Hope this gave you an idea or two of how you can use a little old tin can to make something pretty.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful
Fall and Thanksgiving.


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    Love, love, LOVE your cans….. I work at a school so I have access to large cans. You’ve got my mind just a buzzing with ideas…… Come stop by and visit my blog. I’m your newest follower!

  2. says

    I am hosting next week and at the rate I’m going there will be no centerpiece. Trade you a turkey for some decorating?


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    You did a great job decorating those cans. Love the paint colors and decorations. I’m your newest follower on GFC! Hope you’ll stop by for a visit.

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    I can’t stop laughing that everyone keeps talking about your “cans” and I think I am the only one with the bent mind..LOL!
    I love it. I don’t know how you keep thinking up these ideas. I love all the embellishments you put on them.
    So sweet..
    Love your cans sweetie…LOL