Dollar Tree Christmas Snow Globe {tutorial}

Want to Make a Super Simple Christmas Snow Globe?
You’re are in the right place if you do!
Join me now for a tutorial on how to make a Dollar Tree Christmas Snow Globe.
Sure you do!

and my Dollar Tree version is…
(let me hear you say it!)
“Cheap & Easy”

To Make One, You’ll Need;

-Dollar Tree Supplies-
1. Tinsel
2. Bottle Brush Trees
3. Glass Bowl/Dish
4. Mirror

-You’ll Also Need-
5. E-6000 Glue
6. Glue Gun
7. Spray Glue
8. A Cotton Ball
9. Glitter
10. Wire Cutters

Before we start, it was super stormy and grey out when I crafted.
Sorry the tutorial pictures are so dark.

Fluff up your cotton ball.
Spread glue on mirror center, place cotton on mirror.
(I spread my glue gun for this)
Use wire cutters, snip off trunk as high up as you can.
Hot glue it to the cotton and mirror.
Looking cute already!!
Snip a small circle in a napkin or paper towel.
Open up and place over “snow” and tree.
This will protect the mirror from over spray.
Spritz with spray glue.
I used Elmer’s Craft Bond.
Then get busy with the glittah ;)
Remove napkin.
I put a drop of hot glue on a jingle bell
and nestled it in the snow.

Next, you’ll run a bead of the E-6000 glue
along the rim of the glass globe and then place it
opening side down on the center of the mirror.

I finished mine off by wrapping a length of tinsel
around the base, and then topped it with a ribbon
and an additional jingle bell.

This was a really quick project.
I think it took about 15 minutes.
It actually took me longer to write
this post then it did to make the project.
(of course, I’m slow. lol)

I’m calling this a snow globe since the glass is globe shaped and it looks like a water less snow globe.. but it’s sort of cloche like too with the goodies under glass.

What do you think???
I know!
It’s a “no-globe”.

It’s funny if you’re blonde…

Can’t wait to see what
Dollar Tree creations
you have to share at the
BIG Christmas link party on

Don’t forget!
We’ll be hosting a
$50.00 Dollar Tree gift card giveaway too.
Just Debbie and I’s way to say
Happy Holidays to YOU!


PS-I know I already wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.. but


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  1. says

    You know you don’t have a normal brain! I am so jealous that this creative brain is in your head not mine! I love it and all I can say is “WOW!”. Happy turkey day from your no reply friend!

  2. says

    No-globe? Sno kidding? Must be the blonde in me that made me snicker when I read that. Besides the laugh I got here I found a good idea, too. Love it and yeah…Happy Thanksgiving to you (again), too. xo Diana—-this chick (er…turkey) is off to bed!

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