Look Quick Before it Turns Christmas!

Fall at Fox Hollow – 2012

I wanted to prove that I really DO celebrate Fall. 
So I’ve gathered photographic evidence.

It just doesn’t last long.
Blink.. and you’ll miss it.

First.. I begrudgingly admit, after much foot dragging and denial, that our “much too short” Summer season is over.

And then, for 2.5 seconds I celebrate Fall.. 
before I excitedly decorate for Christmas.

Here is a glimpse of Fall in our home…

 I really do use that 
silly tin can craft as a Fall table top display.
I put them on a silver tray though.
So much classier 😉

I guess I did have a pre-Halloween Mini Fall Mantel
I almost forgot all about it!

I Kept The Mantel Decor Minimal. Again.

Some milk glass, a little silver, owls, pears and the new wreath I made. In Burlap & Nubby Yarn. I very much liked the simplicity and texture so left it unadorned.

Both my little hooties are from ROSS.

And I have gotten my monies worth 
out of them in sheer enjoyment.
Love em’!

The pear candle was a birthday gift from my Aunt.

Moving on into the kitchen..
it got a little sprinkle too.

Kim from Savvy Southern Style
had the cutest Squirrel in a recent post of her entryway and I just fell in love with it.

Isn’t he stinking CUTE?

Well, I happened to find this sweet little salt&pepper shaker set at a local floral shop a few weeks ago, and for under $10 I knew they were coming home with me!

I got my “squirrel fix” now.
Happy me.
Crisis averted.

I have just become a pinning fool.
If you’re not following me..
come join the FUN :)

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  1. says

    Oh I love your cute little new friends. I am loving on that pretty blue over your mantel. Oh my. I love how it offers such a vibrant backdrop to everything you have placed in front. I am anxious to get started on Christmas but I will miss my beloved Fall. :(


  2. says

    I love your home every time of the year, Shannon and fall is no exception. I’m not much of a fall decorator either (I mourn summer. lol!) but I do love to decorate for Christmas. (I admit I love taking it all down just as much though!) I love all of your fall accents…so cute! A little goes a long way when it comes to Fall. :)

  3. says

    Such lovely sprinkles Shannon! I love your cans on their class tray..amazing how we can class up a can or vase:) Your wreath looked cute too..only caught a glimpse though.

  4. says

    Oh Shannon I feel the same as you…I celebrate fall because I do love the season. It is my favorite weather around here, but I just LOVE Christmas season. I am decorating today for Christmas..yup before Thanksgiving. But gosh I just love it & love to look at it for far longer than not. Those owls are adorable & that squirrel is do die for as is the salt & pepper shakers. Love it all…

  5. says

    Looks like Fall to me. It is just simple and serene looking- not overdone at all. I love your little squirrel s&p shakers. They are really cute. Have a wonderful day- xo Diana