Thrifted Finds {project updates}

Today I’m looking at projects I’ve got in various stages of “done” and trying to decide what to work on next?

I’m halfway on a few things.
…and so undecided as to what I want to work on, I thought I would put it off a little longer and say “Hi” instead :)

Because that will be really helpful!
(Shh. don’t blow it for me)

I found these cool metal canisters and thought I would paint them up and make them over.

They’ll be so pretty in this
Satin Nickel!
So I painted them black?
Why.. because I an a nut.

I plan on topping them in…
Good Question?
I have the hardest time picking colors.
I like too many!!

I got this for free.

It got a coat of Maison Blanche 
La Craie paint in Wrought Iron.
I’ll be topping it with…

See a pattern here?

Then I’ve got this antique dresser.
I might just have to pick something.
Just to start on it.

It’s in my bedroom and again, I can not make a choice. I love color, but I like to move things and switch out my accessories so much, I can never commit to one on the big stuff.

It’s so fabulous.. a real deal oldie with wood wheels!

Another Piece I’d like to paint.
I don’t have a place for Pink in my entire house. 
So, this doesn’t really fit.

Now this… needs to be special. 
This was my grandmothers and I grew up playing on it. The original fabric is still under the current covering. I don’t have a particular place in mind… but I’m thinking Magnolia?
And some pretty new fabric!

And this little Qt would like to shine again.
I know the detailing is going to distress so well.

I bought this to makeover and sell… but,
It’s looking mighty at home where it sits.

(which is now inside the house)

So, I’m wondering if it’s just me.
Or do you take 900 years to decide 
what color to paint things?

I think I need a colorist!

Speaking of.. I am in desperate need of some highlights.
If I don’t get to the salon soon…
I’m either going to be a brunette.
or gray!

Today, 11/6; I am thankful that my hair is getting a little gray. It means I am aging. privilege denied to some.


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  1. says

    I like the small dresser as is. Very cool! That buffet is to die for…I’d love to see it in shades of white and blue. I, too, have trouble with what color to paint things because I’m usually selling whatever I paint and I’m always fearful that if I paint something one color, the customer will want it another. Therefore, most things get painted white. Boring, i know, but they always sell quickly!

  2. says

    I have been thinking about what color to paint of my jars and I thought if I am going to paint a black color may turn out so bad but when I see your jars painted with black color and I was amazed of the result.

  3. says

    Ok, that reminds me I need a hair app. I forget as soon as I leave the mirror. And I want that dresser and that sideboard.


  4. says

    Oh I also love that dresser the way it is. You have cool pieces & the one that was your grandmas….I so love it! My grandparents had one that sat in their extra wide hallway. The ole roatary phone sat on it. I was just flooded with memories :) And, do you know why I still have those furniture pieces untouched? Because I can’t decide on a color! And, I bought 3 more pieces of furniture from our local habitat store yesterday. oops!

  5. says

    Did someone say Color? Ha!

    I’m gray and I’m proud of it! I love your Thanksgiving for today…I’m grateful for the time I’ve had and whatever time is set before me!


  6. says

    Oh! I am like that, too, Shannon! I have three or four pieces that I am just in limbo over because I can’t decide what color I want them to end up. If I keep them for myself it is one color but if I am doing them for someone else…well…that’s a whole different turkey…and I ain’t talking Butterball! xo Diana

  7. says

    I painted the same project 3 times this week before I got the right color. LOL So guess I am not good at deciding either.

  8. says

    you are one busy woman, I also have trouble deciding what color to do things, but it will come to you, the perfect color and then again if its not, just do it again!! You have so beautiful pieces here on the go, I love them all,

  9. says

    Haven’t you heard? Today is the last day you can be an “undecided.” LOL.

    I love that dresser. I’m with has so much character as is that some stunning Anthropologie knobs might be all it needs. You can always do something different to it down the road.

  10. says

    Oh you know me…I am the exact opposite..I can’t seem to paint anything white..LOL! LOVE COLOR! It adds the perfect punch to a room.

  11. says

    Call me crazy but I like that dresser as is…with most of the paint off of it. I’d put some glamorous pulls on it and call it done. Love the antique buffet of course. Looks like someone cut the legs off. It would make a great media cabinet. I too have a hard time deciding on color. I have a french dresser I’ve wanted to paint for years and haven’t because white is what would look good in the room but I want to paint it pink. But pink is not want I want in the room. So it sits unpainted because I know it needs to be white but I want it pink. I need to just paint it white and get it over with.