Five Minute Christmas {a holiday decor tip}

I’d Like to Share a Quick, Five-Minute 
Holiday Decorating Tip With You Today.

Create A Christmas Urn in 5 Minutes
(you may even be able to make one for free!)


1. Grab a container of some sort. An urn is wonderful but you can use a bowl, glass vessel.. just about anything you can pile some Cedar clippings into. Use what you have!

I used a mini urn I got at the Goodwill for $1.99 a few months ago. 
I lightly painted it with some Maison Blanche
 La Craie paint in Magnolia to brighten it up!

2. Gather your clippings. Again, use what you have on hand. I have Cedar and Pine but I prefer to work with Cedar. Its soft and silky and I love the drape it offers.

 3. Place the Cedar into the vessel with the tips 
dripping down over the rim.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, you just want some overhang.

Also; You can add floral foam and water if you choose.
It will keep the tips supple longer if you do. 
I just popped mine into the urn and called it good!
It’ll last just fine for a few weeks.
Hence, the 5 minute part 😉

4. Pop an ornament in the place of honor..
 and you’re done.

Stand back and admire!!

I used a large, mercury glass ornament 
I picked up at  Katrina Kathleen’s, a local boutique here in town.

The beauty of this decoration is that you 
can change it to suit any decor by using container and ornament in a style you love!

I love to use free naturalelements in my decorating 
and I do it whenever I can.

Here I Show You How To Use Cedar
 Layered With Christmas Lights.

I hope my 5-minute Christmas Decor Tip was helpful.

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Happy Holidays!!

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  1. says

    Very pretty Shannon! I love using natural greenery during Christmas, it just smells so nice too. That ornament is gorgeous also, so vintage looking.
    Have a blessed Christmas!