Decorating With Urns {Christmas Edition}

Using Urns In Your Holiday Decor Can Take You 
From Rustic to Refined.

Today I’m sharing urns & more urns!

Urns on Porches, Coffee Tables.. 
Even Cradling Table Top Trees.

I recently shared a post where I featured a
5-Minute Christmas Urn Arrangement.

I’ve went and gone URN crazy!

One day, maybe my wee one will grown into
 one of those big, porch sized lovlies?

I sure hope so!!

Until then, I’ll look at these and day dream.
Care to join me?

Here is a perfect example.
This could be my urns big sister!
This one is larger, but the idea is still the same.
Urn, Greens, Ornaments.
The lime green & pink is really fun and 
so playful. I like the color combo.

Ornament and Pine-Filled Urn
Better Homes & Gardens

I’ve had this photo saved 
for a very, very long time.

With the way pretty pictures spread like wildfire.. you may have seen it. Two of these would be very welcome at my front door. Sadly, every time I run across anything remotely similar, they are way out of my price range. I wish I had terrible taste. It would be so much more affordable!

This look is a classic and an all-time favorite.
There is just something about urns flanking an entryway. 
So elegant.
I think I might love more the just the urns in this photograph .. we had a home once that was full of used brick 
and I loved the warmth, texture and charm. 
I miss it lots. 

Southern Living Christmas Porch with Urn Display

Urns come in lots of shapes, sizes and materials.
This vintage silver beauty is a real looker.
I’d give it a starring role on my table top too if it were mine.

Photo via Heather Bullard

This is about the style of large urn I could afford! haha
Isn’t it great though?
What a super alternative.

Large Christmas Porch Outdoor Planter

This one is a Winter Wonderland Beauty!
Complete with real snow.
I like the variety of greenery in this one.
Lots of texture.. and the burlap 
is pretty cute too.

Christmas Porch – Snowy Urn Decor.

The fabulous urn used in this table top display is one of my favorite shapes. I like the softly rounded base. It’s not overly ornate either and would suit my home best.

This urn is much more sleek and modern then the others, but that arrangement design is fantastic!
… and the color?
 Mwah! Love it.

lisa goulet

You may have seen this photograph around.
There is a reason it’s so popular.
The urn is beautiful but in this case,
the petite Christmas tree steals the show.
(maybe even my heart just a little)

Martha Stewart

This Perfectly Aged Urn Is A Real Beauty, Filled with Natural Elements and Pale Aqua Ornaments.Wish we could get a better look at this porch! The shutters look very interesting.

Wow. I have to say, this design really makes a statement. Look at the large branches they used to decorate this urn. It would overpower my poor, little porch, but in this setting, with all that heavy concrete work, it really 
holds it’s own and commands attention.


These urns are pulling Christmas tree stand duty and doing it well! The gal even made her own trees out of tomato cages. She has a great tutorial on her blog if you’d like to make some too.

Tomato Cage Christmas Trees Urn Porch Decor and Tutorial.

There is a Christmas tree nestled in this urn too but it’s just a small part of the 
amazing entryway styled by who else? 
Pottery Barn!
You have to give it to them…
They really know how to do it!!

via Pottery Barn Catalog

This is a brilliant solution if you don’t want to care for plants or flowers in the cold Winter months. Just plant present seeds.
Why did I not think of this?

Red and White Striped Christmas Present Urn Decor

I’ll close with this little bit of 
Christmas Sweetness.
I think the ornaments look like candy on top!

Christmas Urn with Greenery, Wreath Topper and Ornaments courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Clearly.. my heart Yearns
for some Urns.
{come on, I could not pass that up!}

Who knows?
Maybe that will be the next great treasure I find.
I’m always looking 😉

If you’re looking for inspiration,
you’ll find Lots of Christmas Ideas below;

I’ll be sharing another 
Cheap & Easy
Christmas quickie tomorrow.

Stop By And See Me :)

On a separate note;
 I want to share that I, like many others, was deeply effected by Fridays tragedy. I posted a Christmas article on Friday.. and promptly removed it the minute I learned what had happened. I was very quiet and stayed away from social media over the weekend. I did share a post on facebook from Beth at Home Stories A to Z  about how to talk to your kids about what happened that I thought might be very helpful. I also shared a link to a post from Amy at The Idea Room titled My Thoughts. Many of her thoughts mirror my own, but she is much better spoken then I. 
Fox Hollow Cottage was silent on Monday the 17th but I have a prior blogging commitment today and must post. Please know that I am not blogging in a thoughtless fashion and this in no way reflects on my feelings about the horrible events that transpired in Newtown, Ct. 
I have lost sleep and cried many tears.

An official fund for victims’ families, and the community as a whole, has now been established: 
The Sandy Hook School Support Fund, set up by the United Way of Western Connecticut will provide support services to families and the community. All donations to this fund will go directly to those affected.
United Way for Newtown,Ct


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  1. says

    Beautiful displays Shannon. I have been looking for a pair of old, oversized urns for a couple of years now.

    Like you, I have been finding myself breaking down at any given moment over the last few days. I am sick to my stomach and cannot fathom the suffering those families are going through. Gut wrenching. Heart breaking.

  2. says

    These are all just gorgeous, Shannon. No one would ever think you would be “thoughtlessly blogging” in the shadow of Friday’s tragedy. I think we have all struggled with knowing how to proceed without feeling like we aren’t showing proper respect to the gravity of what has happened. Thank you for sharing your heart.


  3. says

    Hi Shannon,
    I love Urns too. I agree with your fav is mine too. Ohhhh the places in my home that could go. It is a shame they are so expensive. Have a great Christmas blog friend and all your urns are sweet and pretty.

  4. says

    Oh my that big white urn is to do die for!! I agree – love the urns but most of the time out of my price range.

    I have some great spots for them so my eyes are always on the hunt.


  5. says

    These are all so pretty, Shannon! I’ve pinned a few for next year’s urns. I only did the one by our front door this year {with faux greens} and never got to the one by the garage. I wanted to do fresh greens there because it is exposed, but the dirt froze before I could tuck anything in.