Fox Hollow Cottage FOLK Magazine Feature

Christmas Came a Little Early
to Fox Hollow Cottage This Year.

This is a sort of an awkward post for me.
It feels sort of braggy no matter how I word it. So I’ve held off sharing my news for that very reason. Every time I think about trying to write it.. I do something else instead.
{I’m such a little procrastinator!}

Fox Hollow Cottage has been published in
FOLK magazine.

Now, just because I didn’t share it right away,
doesn’t mean I’m not super thankful!
It’s a gorgeous, stunningly shot, well laid out publication.
I’m super thrilled to have been included in the breathtaking Christmas issue.

That’s Ben Ashby, the editor, on one of the two covers.
He’s holding the roses in that gorgeous urn!

But honestly, when it comes down to it..
the very, very best part of the entire experience was the phone call.

The one I got to make to my mom to tell her.
The good kind of call.

Not the kind you get at 2 am that makes
your heart stop when you hear that ring…

Or the kind you have to make to tell your mother,
who just buried your grandmother, that you have cancer.

But the joyous, celebratory kind.
The kind where you can hear the smile in your moms voice from 500 miles away.

Getting to make that phone call was

one of the best things ever!!!!

{I hope it cancelled out that really crappy one}

So thank-you to Ben, for thinking my
Coffee Filter Wreath was something special
and in turn, letting me make that call.

I gave my mom a subscription to FOLK so
she could get it delivered to her home. When it arrived, we looked at it together on the phone and talked about what a fabulous, high quality magazine it is. The thick, glossy pages.. full of beautiful pictures.. and stories.. we both just loved it.
It was then that she let me know
she intended to frame the page I’m on.
Of course she does! She’s a mom after all.
If you’d like to make your very own
Coffee Filter Wreath
with burlap roses…


you’ll find a simple,
easy to follow tutorial with lots of pictures in the link below.

How-To Make a Coffee Filter Wreath

If you’re curious about the surface the wreath was photographed on.. that would be our
Repurposed Fence Board Counter Top.

Thanks for stopping by today and for
letting me share my news with you.

If you want know more about FOLK, you can find them on facebook.
They have a wonderful magazine blog too!


PS-I’ve been cancer free for going on 13 years now.
I count that blessing every. single. day.

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    Oh my, how did I miss this? I’m sorry this is so very late in coming, but “Congratulations, Shannon, on your being published in this magazine!” I’ve never heard of this magazine (bad me), but I’m going to look for it now because I’m sure you will be published again — you are truly so very talented!


  2. says

    I think I figured this out now and I am writing another comment to you to see if by checking the email follow up you can now make a comment back to me. I am just kind of learning this as I go along.

  3. says

    I am so happy for you. I enjoy your blog so much and what a wonderful time of the year to have it happen. Congratulations and hugs!

  4. says

    Fantastic! This is very exciting and I am thrilled for you! The wreath is so pretty and I love it photographed on that counter. I think the counter reveal was one of the first times I ever read your blog and I was completely sold. Yay for you, Shannon!

  5. says

    You can brag all you want to me, girlfriend! I’m so happy for you Shannon – your blog is filled with so much lovelyness and it is wonderful to see it shared so beautifully in Folk magazine! Love the story about calling your mom. It doesn’t matter how old we get, we are always our mother’s daughters! :) Hugs!!

  6. says

    Like I told you before … it was only a matter of time, Shannon! Again, congrats on your feature … so very well-deserved, and I’m SURE it won’t be your last! Wooo Hooooo. Such a wonderful holiday blessing, too.

  7. says

    That is SO amazing Shannon!!! What an exciting thing, to be able to see something YOU created in print!!! AAAAWWWWESSSOOOOMMMEEEEE {in my sing song voice}
    Love you!

  8. says

    Hi Shannon, YAHOO! What an honor girl. Very well deserved, but still an honor. Brag all you want. Love your wreath and roses. Sweet that mama is going to frame it. I think you had better do the same. Have to tell you, I love the show, “Amazing Race”. I see the goat farmers picture there.

  9. says

    Oh my love your counter top. So great. I am all about recycling things with history into my home. I love those counter tops so much. Your wreath and spot in the Folk magazine is great. Congrates.

  10. says

    Hi Shannon,
    I love how you worded this post… It was perfect, I could feel all your mixed emotions and that made it very sincere.
    Congratulations on being published in such a fantastic mag! I am a fan of your blog and one of the main reasons for that is how you combine creative content with genuine grace.
    Enjoy every minute!

  11. says

    Congrats! It’s not bragging at all…just stating what happened. I have yet to get this magazine…I must. Your wreath is sooo pretty. And of course I love that turquoise shelf it was photographed on.

  12. says

    I’m so proud of you! You definitely deserve it after all of the hard work you put into everything…and after all that you’ve been through. It’s something you’ll never forget….

  13. says

    Aaw, Shannon this is SO wonderful! I recognized your amazing countertop under the super pretty wreath as soon as I saw the picture :) Thank God you got to make a happy phone call to your mom. What an exciting gift for both of you! I haven’t been able to buy the magazine yet, but sure hope to.
    Thanks for sharing some fun and happy news with us!


  14. says

    Shannon, I just loved this post! I’m as proud as your mama about this! I remember the day when you were asking for advice about the photo. It is pure gorgeousness! Now I’ve just got to get my hands on a copy of the magazine!

  15. says

    This is so exciting!!!! I am so happy for you, and so excited too. What a beautiful honor, and I truly mean this when I say, I cannot think of a more deserving person or blogger than you, my sweet Shannon to have her work published and honored in such a beautiful new magazine. So cool!!!

  16. says

    Shannon, You’re not bragging; you’re sharing :) This is a beautiful feature that deserves to be shared! I got my issue and went right to look for your wreath too! What a wonderful recognition of your work!

  17. says

    Its reading posts like this one that makes me so very glad I discovered blogging, what a beautiful story, and congratulations, well deserved recognition, its a beautiful wreath!

  18. says

    What a wonderful post and I loved the personal story. I am so very happy for you and your mom that you got to make that call and she got to receive that call. *Just such a darn good story ~ brought tears to my eyes* big hugs, Mary Beth

  19. says

    Well looky at you all braggy & such!!! As you shouldbe…such awesomeness. I knew you were special from the first time I read your blog! Nice work & congrats!

    Oh & p.s. congrats on being cancer free for 13 years…now that deserves a big hug!!!

    Big hugs to you!

  20. says

    This is hands down the best blog post that I’ve ever read! I love Folk so much for featuring your wreath, not just because it’s beautiful, but because you were able to make that phone call. Congratulations! love ya!

  21. says

    Shannon, I couldn’t be happier for you! You rock out loud, my friend. That’s awesome! I cannot think of a sweeter, more deserving blogger to get a fantastic feature like yours in Folk magazine. YAY you!!!


  22. says

    Congrats, girl! It is a beautiful wreath and looks so pretty on the pages of Folk. What a wonderful thing to tell your Mom!!! So happy for you. :)

  23. says

    I could just feel your excitement to your Mom. It truly must have been one of the proudest moments…for your entire family. So happy for you girl!

  24. says

    Are you kidding me? That is so exciting! You have every right to brag about this wonderful accomplishment! I’m so happy for you….it’s much deserved!

  25. says

    I am so excited for you still! I remember getting mine in the mail and flipping through it so fast to see your feature…I think I was as excited for you as I would have been if it were me! Congratulations!!! I can’t think of anyone more deserving!

  26. says

    CONGRATULATIONS Shannon!!! WOW! You always do super cute crafts but this one is really beautiful and magazine worthy. Good for you!!!! (that “other” phone call sounds terrible – I hope it isn’t true.