Maison Blanche Paint Co. {New Product Launch}

I’m really excited to announce that there are
 four Brand New Additions to the 
Maison Blanche Paint Co. Line

If you like to experiment and stretch your creativity, 
the new products will definitely excite you too!

Without further ado, here they are…

First up is Glacage Embossing Creme

Glacage is an acrylic, water-based, thick texturing cream that 
mimics the look and feel of intricately carved wood. 

It allows you to create beautiful textured finishes 
over wood, cabinetry, and previously painted furniture. 
With Glacage Embossing Crème, you can transform furniture and cabinetry into fantastic custom creations. 

Glacage Embossing Creme | $34.95 quart
in Natural Wood, Oak, Cherry, Walnut and Black 

Next, we have Le Dirt Antiquing Dust

Le Dirt Antiquing Dust is a special little detailing secret that will make your painted finish look Authentic and Unique. This powder aids in polishing wax topcoats to a subtle sheen and settles into crevices as if collected over the centuries. 

Imagine an old salvaged furniture piece that has been sitting in a dusty attic. A fine layer of dust has settled into the nooks and crannies. This is the effect that Le Dirt Antiquing Dust will help you accomplish.
Use Le Dirt in conjunction with other 
Maison Blanche Paint Company products to create a believably authentic, delicately aged finish.  

Le Dirt Antiquing Dust |$16.96 16 oz.

..and the fabulous Le Craque Crackle Medium

Le Craque is a clear, water based medium that offers a subtle crackled effect.  Applying Le Craque between two layers of Maison Blanche Paint Company’s La Craie Furniture Paint will cause the top color to crack and reveal glimpses of the base color.

Le Craque is unlike traditional crackle mediums in that it creates much more subtle, natural looking cracks in your painted or embossed finishes. 
Use Le Craque in conjunction with other Maison Blanche Paint Company products to create a believably authentic, delicately cracked finish. 

Le Craque Crackle Medium | $28.95 quart

Lastly… Organza Shimmer Coat

Organza Shimmer Coat is an Acrylic, water based cream used to enhance your painted finish by adding a sheer metallic touch of elegance.  Organza is a thick, rich, sparkling gel cream that has no unpleasant smell and is quick drying.

You may use Organza in conjunction with other 
Maison Blanche Paint Company products to achieve delicately shimmering glamour. 

Organza Shimmer Coat | $32.95 16 oz.
in Gold, Silver and Pearl Gold

I’ll be showing examples of all the versatile new products in action as I complete them.. 
and, as my great customers share their work 😉
{You guys are wicked talented!}

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order your Maison Blanche Paint Co.
products today.

I’m always here to answer questions you 
may have about any of the Maison Blanche products so please don’t hesitate to ask!

Happy Holidays to YOU!


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