Twelve Days of Sugar {a Christmas giveaway}

Hello & Welcome

It’s time for a Heavenly Giveaway!

Some Heavenly Sugar that is ;)

just jumped out of the shower..
and I smell great!

Like HOT BUTTERED RUM to be exact.

I’m in love with my skin again.
It’s baby soft & baby smooth thanks to
 Heavenly Sugar 
Exfoliating/Skin Softening Sugar Scrub.

I also may or may not want to lick myself.

Serious. I smell flipping delicious!

Where was I?
Oh yeah… in the spirit of Christmas, 
Joanne, the owner of Heavenly Sugar 
wants you to smell yummy and 
have fabulous feeling skin too!
{Just promise not to go cannibal on yourself}

She is offering one lucky winner

In the scents of their choice.

It’s Like The 
Twelve Days of Christmas Sugar.

Instant gratification style!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can find
Heavenly Sugar on Facebook here
and visit
here to see all the Heavenly Sugar flavors!

With TWELVE of these babies…
there is plenty to go around.
You could smell great all year and
still spread some Christmas Cheer ;)
{Hint; That means share some.}

Much Luck to YOU!

Happy Holidays!!


PS- I wish you all had scratch and sniff monitors!!!!

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