A Valentine’s Day Mantel {the thrifty-crafty way!}


Welcome to Valentine’s at Fox Hollow!
The mantel is red and festive and feeling a little girly-gooey over at the hollow this year.
In other words, it’s perfect for Valentine’s.
I did lots of gathering things from around the house to pull this together. I didn’t buy anything new, but I did make the decorative plate, the banner and glitter up a Dollar Tree votive with some Mod Podge and Martha Stewart glitter. Say what you want, that lady make the best crafting stuff!
If you have been here before.. you know I am notorious for moving things around. Example; The white urn(s), a Goodwill find, were used with mercury glass ornaments and greenery in the open front cabinet in the kitchen at Christmas… and here they are again.
The reason I like basics so much, is because it’s like having loads more decor pieces! When you can transition them from one room, or style or holiday, to another, you’re making them pull double, triple and even more duty. And why not? 
Make them work hard for you!
The first thing I actually did was put the
is it’s intended home. 
(and I can open the TV armoire again)

… and while Hawaii was wonderful, I was definitely happy 
to get home and crack into my craft supplies and do some creating. It’s always simple stuff.. but I enjoy it!
tried not to steal it.. but the 
got moved onto the mantel.
And if you use one plate.

Then why not two?

You can see I used my vintage RC Cola crates  and my ever present candle sticks. Though they never have an actual candle in them, they are huge favorite of mine and are always out somewhere in the house. 

Then, I sort of figured if I stole the plate… that the little votive holder would be lonely, so I stole it too.
(that poor vignette is now dead)

The mantel needed the “sparkle” so it sacrificed itself. 
So selfless!!

I added one of my Prim or “Primitive Style”
Raggedy Ann dolls to the hearth…

 And there you have it.

My Valentine’s Day Mantel.

Hope you are not tired of the coffee filter wreath. 
It goes with everything.
Best wreath I have ever made!

I’ll tell you what I am tired of…
That aqua wall!!!
Great in person. Love it. I do.
But… a real pain to take a decent photo of.
I think it’s on it’s last legs.
Well, I know it’s on it’s last legs.
(I have an inside source)

I’ll be showing you what I’ve got going on 
over here… soon 😉

Thanks for stopping in to see what I’ve been up to. Somehow… sharing just would not be the same without you!

A Valentine’s Day Mantel {the thrifty-crafty way!}

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  1. karin says

    Palm slap to the forehead! I never thought of crates on the mantle like that! Its so cute! Its perfect! Now when you get a sec, just pop on over to michigan and do mine..I have all my stuff on mine…just YET to arrange it all…maybe I should just leave the pile and call it DIG for valentines Mantle..:)
    Hope you had fun on your trip.

  2. says

    It’s gorgeous! I LOVE your burlap banner, and the crates, and oh my… the Raggedy Ann is the best. Fabulous job! Have a great weekend!
    Laurie @ Gallamore West

  3. says

    Which island were you on when you went to Hawaii? I used to live there for several years. Your diy art, (everything you do is art, by the way), is fabulous! You are such an inspiration! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Kelly x0x0

  4. says

    Hi Shannon! OH, I love your sweet mantel and all you’ve done. I never tire of seeing your wreath and have wanted to make one for myself! Love it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉