Country Woman Magazine {diy stenciled craft project features}

Welcome to Fox Hollow Cottage!

Today you are going to get to see several
Stenciling Projects with Tutorials.. 
a few of which have been featured in 
Country Woman Magazine!!

While Jim & I are off celebrating our 20th anniversary… my Mother-In-Law is house sitting for us. Lucky us!

.. and my sweet friend 
Debbie of Debbiedoo’s is blog sitting for me.

Please give her a warm welcome!

Welcome Foxy Friends 
and some Debbiedoo’ers as well.
My name is Debbie, and my blog is Debbiedoo’s!
Not a very creative blog name, I know, but it has special meaning and significance to me…and that is what I wound up with!

Shannon and I have become pretty good buddies through this virtual world of blogging. 
(In case you haven’t noticed)
We sort of like to collaborate together! 
We love trying to come up with fresh~fun party ideas. Our last one, the Dollar Tree Christmas Partywas a real hit.

In fact, we plan on a Valentine’s extravaganza next!! We certainly have a fun time throwing parties and love playing hostess!!

The lovely Miss Shannon asked me some time back if I would be interested in doing a guest post on her blog. Why certainly my dear I would love to.

But, wait…what can I talk about? 
 She said anything.

The first thing that popped into my head was how about I talk about Stenciling.
I can’t tell you how many times I have been left comments by readers on my own blog indicating they never have stenciled.
WHAT? Do you live in a bubble? 
 Have you not lived through the 80’s..of course that was my era so I throw that out to you.

First let me give you a little low down on Stenciling.

Stenciling is the creation of an image through the application of color on a stencil and through the removed sections (islands), leaving a reproduction of the image on the underlying surface. This can also be referred to as stencil painting.
I know you may be thinking…UGH, who wants to stencil? Is it dated and out of style? And, most importantly is it HARD? I am here to tell you NO…in fact, I am increasingly seeing it become more popular and even more elaborate in design.
IS is HARD? Uhhhh..NO, because truly if I can do, anyone can.

Stencils allow us to decorate with our own personal style even if we are not Leonardo da Vinci 
(or Picasso – if that’s more your style).
I have often said on my blog ” I am NO picasso, however, I sure do feel good after a stenciling job.
With stencils, you decide where you want an image and you pick the colors. You are the designer of your project.

Early in 2011, I really started getting back into stenciling.

sign Stencil project

Can you believe, this

 Calling all on

were actually featured in

 They always come back!

YEPPERS…I do believe they were a little impressed with my stenciling work:)
Not really!! 
It was more my thrifty Country Kitchen they liked.

I am not quite sure what the intimidation some of you express and share, but I am here to tell you…


Start off with a small project..

love {DIY} Valentine craft idea on a dime

Like this DIY canvas art.

Cost me very little, and took very little time.
Before you know it,
You will be tackling some big jobs, that may kill your neck, but in the end…
you will go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

 Cutting edge stencil ceiling medallion! {my personal review}

This stenciled ceiling medallion was a real pain in the arse… but is sure does look pretty.

Now you ask, where do you get your stencils?
Most of my stencils come from Hobby Lobby…
The ceiling medallion came from Cutting Edge, 
and they have a lovely selection as well.

When I do small stenciling projects and use just letters…well those too come from Hobby Lobby, but may also be purchased at Walmart and Michael’s.

I sure hope this guest post was helpful, insightful, and encourages you to do the same.

I do a little bit of this and a little bit of that…

You can find it all under my header over at Debbiedoo’s

I hope to see you drop by sometime.

You can find me on Facebook 
where I live, I mean spend a lot of my free time.
and of course Pinterest.

Thanks Shannon for letting me blab today! 
and having me as a guest today.

Hope you are having a fabulous time in Hawaii!

Ha! This would be Debbie giving me an 
“oh so subtle, stenciling push!” LOL

No fears… when I return from the island,
(hey.. how often do you get to say that? I’m soaking it up!)
I will be doing a stencil project.
Yep, you heard it here.
I have to do it now. Right?
Take care all!!

I wanted to add that if you are new to blogging, Debbie hosts a Newbie Link Party every Monday! This is a great place to link up, meet some new friends and start building your relationships and friendships out there. Having buds in blogging is so important and makes it even more enjoyable.

Thanks again for filling in for me while I’m off with my toes in the sand Debbie!

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    Congrats on the guest post Debbie, you are the queen of stenciling:) I think you need a crown that states that too.

  2. says

    Yes…I can absolutely believe your stencil projects were featured in the magazine last year. They are all perfection. I remember spending a couple of weeks – many hours a day – stenciling a multicolored butterfly motif stencil all the way around my daughter’s room in the early 90’s. Lots of neck strain, etc.. I then painted over the whole thing a few months later when I decided it wasn’t “grown up” enough for her. LOL.

  3. says

    Hi Shannon,
    I love Debbie’s blog and her creative and thrify ideas. She is one of the sweetest bloggers out there. Love her and her ideas. Have a beautiful anniversary.

  4. says

    Thanks for having me sweet Shannon. None of those links are going to the direct projects. Not sure what happened..but they are going to my blog so they may have to go under my gallery to view them. Have a blast my dear!

  5. says

    Happy Anniversary, Shannon! Hawaii is on my ‘bucket list’ of places to go…hope you are having a great time. Thanks Debbie for putting some of your stencil projects together in this post to give us inspiration.