I’m enchanted… with Downton Abbey


I’m enchanted… with Downton Abbey


I’m enchanted. Or addicted. 
(however you you want to look at it)
To Downton Abbey!

Or, “Down Town Abbey” as I thought it was called, while I successfully ignored anything about it day, after day, after day…  Oh, I heard the talk on facebook. Caught the knowing whispers. I felt the excitement in the cyber-air as others talked about getting their latest fix. I thought; “When I have time, I’ll look into it”.

I only tried it once. 
It’s just like they said though…
I couldn’t stop.
I was hooked.
I needed my British drama. And I needed it bad.
One episode at 11 pm was all I was going to allow… just to see if I liked it.

But I needed just a taste more.
And then a big bite.
… next thing you know it’s 4:44 am and I had completed watching Series One. Up to Episode #6. I had binged. Uh-Oh.

I took every bit of self control I had to stop myself from watching episode #7, and the final show for season one, before stopping for the night. The only thing that saved me is that Jim would get up, and catch me still up, and my new secret addiction would be blown!

Why that mattered. I have no idea?
I’m positively enchanted though!

Turns out, I’m about as bad at having a Netflix series in my face as I am when I have a book. I can’t seem to put either down until I’m done.
(or it’s nearly 5 am – whichever comes first)

So. Are you a little DA junky too, 

or is their something else you’re addicted to?
Another juicy show… Trashy novels…
Do tell!

I found out after this post here, several of my readers are ninjas! I mentally tucked that info away in case I ever need your services. {winks}

Well… I should run.

I don’t have any new “house” stuff to post today, but I have lots in the works to share over the next several weeks. Including some giveaways that I know you will love! It’s been busy here at the hollow. There are new items, waiting for their new homes. Paint out.
 … and ideas spinning in my head.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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    Oh, and for entertainment we have nicknames for most of the “hated” characters… makes it all the more fun to watch! Like “Sideburns”, can you guess who she is? Cannot stand her!!!

  2. says

    Same thing happened to us. “Let’s just watch one episode and see if we like it….” The rest is history :)

    We just started watching Lark Rise to Candleford last night (another British series) because a week is a long time to wait between Downton Abbey episodes now!

    Enjoy your weekend-


  3. says

    I could have written this post myself. I was the same way, thinking I would look into it when I had time. One day, I was looking for something to watch while I was working inside. I found Season 1 on Netflix. Yeah, I didn’t stop for two days. Mark got home from work, and I had to tell everyone to be quiet because I just had to finish an epispode!!! I planned my life around when I could watch it with no one here. I even got all my ironing caught up. I HATE ironing, but I was all too happy to have an excuse to be watching that show. Then I had to go in search of season II. Hulu was giving me a free month, and I could watch DA for free!!! I watched Season two even faster. Now I record it Sunday night, wait for no one to be around on Monday and I DO NOTHING but watch, like my life depends on it. If I have to get up to use the facilities, I pause it. I cannot miss a word, a scene, a second. There is just too much to take in. I am SUPER annoyed at the writers right now. I went through far more kleenex than I care to admit after the last episode. I cried like a close friend had died. And she had! WHY, WHY??????????? I am still very bitter with Lord Grantham. He deserves to sleep in the dressing room for a while. Snobbery did kill people off! Thanks for providing a forum for me to sound off about my pretend life that lives in my TV but is as real to me as if I knew this family personally and had been hanging out in the servants quarters. (which is where I would be, because after all, I am a worker bee, not the gentry);)

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    Hmmm I guess I should check this show out. I’ve heard all about it, but gosh I am afraid to get sucked in :) And, yeah I have addiction to watching some of the Housewives shows….Ohhh did I just say that. Yup guilty. I think it’s because it is beyond me that people live, act and behave in such ways.

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    LOL! If I didn’t know better I would have thought I was reading about myself. Just like you I’ve heard all of the talk and then my daughter insisted I watch just one episode on Netflix. Well, poop! I did and I’m hooked too. I finished the first season and went to Hulu Plus so I could see the 2nd season. Now I’m on the website for PBS and am trying to get caught up so I can actually see the ‘real’ one on Sunday night. I just started my marathon watching this week! Needless to say – I’m addicted too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

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    Haha! I’ve spoken some of these same words over the last 2 1/2 weeks! I watched the first season and couldn’t get enough. Like you said, it was like a good book that I couldn’t put down. Then I watched the 2nd season and the same thing. Couldn’t get enough. Episodes 3 and 4 were on PBS this past Sunday night so I skipped the 1st and 2nd ones and jumped right in to this season. It’s like crack. I’m so addicted. I think they need a support group or something!!!! ~ Angie

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    OOOhhh I have been hooked since the first episode. Def DA junkie. Hahahahaaa… I have had to put myself on a diet!!! When I get a series in my hand ( ie Netflix) I am a goner. I cannot stop! Sooo, I found out a site where you can get ahead on DA… I have been restraining myself. Only watching an episode at a time on Sunday nights. Will power Baby!!! For now anyway… 😀

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    I have been watching it for three days nonstop. i am finally at the end of the second season. Addicted Doesn’t even begin to describe it Cheers Frances

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    Sounds like a good show! I’ll have to check it out. I just watched an older movie called “Gosford Park”. Was a really good British version of an American “Clue”. Witty and star-studded, I really enjoyed it. So now I am looking forward to starting a new obsession! Thanks for sharing!

    Kelly xoxo

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    I have heard a lot about downton abby and have never seen it. I was thinking of getting season one to see if I liked it too. It sounds like I should probably do this!!!