A DIY Home {a collection of before and afters}

Please give my special guest Julie a warm welcome! I know you will enjoy her sparkly personality and her fabulous style. 
(Which she is sharing a little peek of with us today)
Happy New Year Fox Hollow Friends 
My Name is Julie, and I am the “Head Honcho” over at Red Head Can Decorate. I’m filling in for Shannon today!
I’m a stay at home Mom, who usually writes while still in my pajamas, and actually paints in them too.  I’m a little on the shy side, and probably blushing as I write this.  
We are all inspired on a daily basis.


It may be a magazine, a television show, or a friend.


The inspiration begins somewhere.  I am honored to have been asked by the lovely, (and foxy!) Shannon, from Fox Hollow to share some of my favorite projects at her place.


Shannon just happens to be the friend that inspired my last adventure. I owe her a big hug.  Since she lives clear across the country…here’s a big THANK YOU through the computer Shannon!  Her post a couple months ago with some of her favorite white kitchens is what inspired me to go with my gut, and fix the issues I still had after our original makeover.


I hope you enjoy my kitchen tour (which includes many before and after photos) and a few other favorite projects I’ve gathered up for you.  I also enjoy cooking in that kitchen, so I left some treats for you at the end that are located on my Redhead Can Cook page.  My personal favorite…the Buffalo Wings!  It’s a secret recipe.  Pass the blue cheese baby!
Thanks again for inviting me over Shannon…I had a blast :)

It’s a pleasure to be your friend and I wish you and all
of your followers a safe, healthy,
and Happy New Year.

Now go get those PJ’s on and start painting!

I’m so happy to have the “redhead” holding down the fort here at the hollow.
Julie is positively fearless and pulls off some major makeovers!
I’ll definitely be channeling her when working up the courage to try big things!

Here are a few places you can find Julie
so you don’t miss her latest and greatest;
Redhead Can Decorate






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    Claire-love you girl! Thank you! Bev- thank you! Master piece is quite a compliment! I look forward to having you scour around :) I’de love to hear from you again. Let me know if you get those lights done. Oh-PS…I plan on doing a post on the beams. They were really inexpensive, but you need a real handy guy/girl to get them done. We did all 3 beams for $200! XO

  2. says

    Thanks Julie–I will check out HD for those. I have 2 hideously ugly can lights to change. I LOVE your home! Hard to pick only a couple things to comment on–but the ceiling beams make my mouth water and you have made me a convert to painting wood with your buffet in the kitchen. You turned that kitchen into a masterpiece! I look forward to scouring your blog for more ideas 😀

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    I just love every single thing, Julie! I ooohed and ahhed over the kitchen before but hadn’t really seen that master bath makeover. WOW-ZA! I need a hot relaxing bath NOW! We are going to do our master bath soon. Needs MAJOR attention! Thanks for posting over here at Ms. Foxy’s! :)

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    Bev-Bev-the recessed light covers you are speaking of I found at Home Depot. I can’t seem to find them on line, but they are fairly inexpensive and in the recessed lighting section. You install them in a recessed light can. Fairly easy to do, at least for hubby it was.

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    Thank you for letting me party at your house while you are on vacation Shannon! I promise I’ll clean up before I leave! 😉 Seriously, thank you for everything. You have been a true friend since I started blogging last Feb. You are an inspiration to lots! XXOO

    Thank you Kathy, Bev, and Lynn, you guys are very sweet and I appreciate your kind words!

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    It has been fun seeing your home! Thank you for sharing… you have made an amazing transformation! I will be spending more time searching through your projects for ideas. I saw a pin on a board that brings be back to your blog about changing recessed lighting…it looks like you put a dome light over the recessed and cut out the center of the glass? I couldn’t find the post where it describes what you did? Can you help me? 😀 blessings….Bev