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Hey Foxy Friends!

I have a guest for you today.
Please give her a warm welcome.

Hello everyone! My name is Jane, and I’m happy to be guest posting for Shannon today while she is on vacation. 

I bet she’s sitting around a pool right now, sipping a Mai Tai or perhaps she’s flying over a volcano. Those are all things I’d want to do if I went to Hawaii! I’m sure she’ll have plenty of pics and stories to share with us when she gets back.

My husband and I have a blog called Cottage at the Crossroads, and I’d like to invite you to stop by for a visit sometime. 

But today I’m going to share with you how 
I made a little succulent centerpiece.

Succulent Centerpiece

I don’t know about you guys, but in January I have to have some live plants growing in my house. So I put together this succulent centerpiece that I can move around to wherever I want to use it in my home. And if you notice, I painted it


You know, Shannon’s favorite color (and mine, too!)

Succulent Centerpiece

First, I will have to tell you that I don’t know a whole lot about succulents. I do have some growing that my sister-in-law gave me about 2 years ago. Here they are in a plant stand by my back door.

Succulent Centerpiece

And here I have some growing in a pot on another plant stand on our deck. Our weather in South Carolina is usually mild during the winter, but if we have freezing temps, I do bring the succulents indoors.

Succulent Centerpiece

To make the succulent centerpiece, I did rob some baby plants from some that I have growing, and my sister-in-law, who lives next door to me, gave me a bunch more. But I just happened to be in Lowe’s and found all of these on sale for 75% off! I guess it was my lucky day and Lowe’s knew I needed some succulents!

Succulent Centerpiece

I knew that I wanted a shallow dish so I purchased a 12 inch terracotta saucer that you usually use under a pot. And I promptly painted it my favorite shade of aqua called “Aqua Glow” by Valspar.

Succulent Centerpiece

And because I knew that I would be using the centerpiece on a wooden table, I purchased this 12 inch plastic saucer (which has little “feet” on the bottom) to protect the table from any moisture. The plastic saucer fits perfectly underneath the terracotta one.

Succulent Centerpiece

Now, I do know that succulents like loose soil and there are additives that you can mix with regular potting soil, but I found this mixture designed especially for cacti and succulents so that is what I used.

Succulent Centerpiece
Next I found a candle holder and added a little green moss down inside. You know, I really like to burn candles during those long and cold nights in January, don’t you?

Succulent Centerpiece

After placing the candle holder in the middle of the saucer, I added a shallow layer of pebbles in the bottom of the saucer before adding the soil to increase the drainage. Succulents do not like wet feet! Then I just stuck in my succulents until it looked fairly full.

Succulent Centerpiece

I think it’s really pretty, and I love the variety of colors and textures. By springtime, the succulents should have grown enough for me to transplant them outside.

Succulent Centerpiece

And since I know that Shannon loves to combine the colors aqua and red, I placed the centerpiece on our table on the front porch. Yes, I can see a whole red and aqua tablescape planned around this centerpiece!

Succulent Centerpiece2 003

Because it’s so lightweight, I carried it around the house trying it out in several places.

Succulent Centerpiece2

It looked pretty no matter where I placed it. I’m totally in love with the succulents!

Succulent Centerpiece

Right now, it’s on the front porch where it can get some bright light, but when it gets colder, I’ll bring it inside and use it on my coffee table. Such an easy, fun, and inexpensive project to keep the doldrums away during the dreary months ahead!

Shannon, thanks so much for inviting me to guest post on your blog today. And if you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to stop by the Cottage at the Crossroads and say hello!

jane post signature

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I’m so thankful to Jane for filling in for me today and showing you how to make a succulent garden. Isn’t is cute?
My mother in law would love it.
Maybe I’ll need to follow this tutorial and make one as a gift for her since she is watching the house for us while we are off playing? Shh… don’t tell though 😉

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    Jane, I agree with Shirley~ the hurricane in the center is a wonderful addition and I love it painted aqua! Lucky you finding the sale at Lowe’s :)

  2. says

    Jane, Congrats on your guest post, and your succulents are just adorable. I had a small fair garden this summer done with succulents in a galvanized wash tub. Love that you put the candle in the center. Brilliant!