Silver Lining {I just had to squint}

We finally have a fully functioning refrigerator.
With an ice maker.
That makes ice.
I know!

The story began several months ago.
One day, with no warning, our refrigerator died.
It’s okay, it went quick and didn’t suffer.
So, being without a box of cold air, Jim and I headed to our local Sears store to find a replacement. We ordered a Kenmore Elite Side-by-Side and waited a few days for delivery.Living out of 3 coolers and lots of ice to get by.

We were pretty happy when the fridge arrived,
but within the first week..
our brand new fridge sounded like THIS.

We ignored the squeak.
I figured I would deal with it tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow… you know, because who wants that hassle right?

Fast forward a bit to an evening when Jim and I were locking up for the night, getting ready to head off to bed and instead discovered a wet spot on the carpet downstairs.

And heard dripping.

We looked up to find wet drywall.
We followed the trail and headed upstairs to find (we later discovered the ice maker had frozen over so the) water was pooling under the fridge.

The water had wormed it’s way into the sub floor and then flowed down to the lower level. We were not thrilled.

So began the phone calls.
I could not avoid them this time!
I have to stop right here and say that Sears, and John Andrews the district manager, were wonderful. They showed empathy and wanted to fix the problem straight away.

If only my Sears Kenmore was made by Sears.
Alas.. it was made by LG.
Who knew?

Enter LG claims.
(for damage to our flooring and sub floor)
Now that was a different story.

Basically they did not want to pay the full amount of even the lowest estimate for the repairs the water damage did to our home.

After several months of contractor appointments, chasing down estimates, phone calls, emails and hassles, Jim said to just close it out. He was done arguing.
Just what they wanted I am sure.
{I could have argued a lot more! LOL}

We’re done dealing with them now though.
I think it’s a good thing.

We’ll be repairing and installing new flooring in the Spring, once the rain stops.

By the way, I’m going to need some feedback & opinions on my flooring selection from you guys!! So get ready to see some flooring choices on the old blog 😉 It takes me forever to decide on things and I could really use some help!

For now, we have a great new appliance.
It’s a beautiful, counter depth model.

With some schmancy touch screen and auto fill features for the water dispenser.
(I didn’t even know it had that!)

I have to admit. I totally played with it.
(don’t tell Austin)

I’m adding some real life photos, because I know when we were shopping we could have used more pictures (and information).

With 2 additional cubic feet, I have an entirely empty shelf. I love the slot I was able to make above the two lower bins. It’s just right for thawing out meat/chicken without taking up a whole shelf. (Or perfect for a pizza box!)

1. The touch screen is actually really handy.
You can touch a button and select how much water you need in ounces or cups (great for cooking), hit dispense, and it will fill the vessel hands free. You don’t even need a measuring cup since it’s pre-measured.

My dorky, quick, one take video.

2. I removed the beverage rack but I know this feature would free up lots of space for many consumers. I like that I have the option to use it, or not.

3. This is super in my book! When it’s late at night and I want ice for my milk. (Must be like, arctic cold!) I can wash my hands and reach right in, instead of dispensing from the door which sounds noisy when the house is quiet.

This is the link to the sears site if you happen to be looking for a new side-by-side model.

Whirlpool Side-By-Side Counter Depth Refrigerator. I’m not at all a fan of stainless (I know, shoot me) so we went with white but it’s available in SS if that floats your boat!

Now, even though it was no fun to;

  • Have our fridge leak.
  • Have our sub floor and subsequently our flooring ruined.
  • Listen to a squeak for months.
  • Buy bag after bag of ice to put into the ice dispenser.
  • And deal with the etc.. that it all brought about.

The Silver Lining is;

  • The new fridge is much slimmer and fits in the space way better.
  • I actually prefer it over our original choice.
  • It makes ice.
  • It does not tattle on you with a squeak when you are trying to sneak a snack 😉
Since we are replacing all the kitchen flooring, I talked the hubba into replacing the living room too, so it all matches.
Now THAT is a Silver Lining baby.
Come on Spring!!!! 😉

Hope my regular Josephine version of a product review on the Whirlpool Gold Series Side-By-Side refrigerator might be helpful to someone out there! For the boring stuff like measurements and junk, you can use the link to the Sears site.
This is my personal opinion and I was not compensated to offer it.




  1. says

    Well I’m glad you are enjoying your new fridge, even though you’ve been through alot of aggravation!

    And here I thought I was the only person in the world who isn’t a fan of stainless. I guess I’m in good company!

  2. says

    Yikes! That was an awful experience! I’m happy for you and the new floors, but a very bad way to get them and all the hassle! Our dishwasher did that one night, but it was so old the insurance paid. But to have a new appliance leak is not good!
    Can’t wait to see the floor :)

  3. says

    We had a similar thing happen with a 15 month old top of the line refrigerator. It was a nightmare so I feel your pain but in the end we got a new floor and a great working new refrigerator that so far is working great. We were living out of coolers too so I can relate!!!!! Glad to hear you had a silver lining. They just do not make things like they use too.

  4. says

    Wow! SOME people will do ANYTHING for new flooring, right?? LOL Ok and that sounds like a nightmare, yes. Living out of coolers reminds me of Hurricane Charlie days when we did that for 7 days.
    Our washing machine gave out this past Sunday (thankfully with no leaking!) and the new one comes tomorrow. Can’t WAIT!! Let’s see that new flooring, girl!