Welcome 2013! {word of the year}

Hello 2013!

Come on in… I’m so excited to have you here.
So excited, I simply had to use the “F” word.
A few in fact!
When you are a talker like me…

it’s hard to pick one word.
I stuck with a letter.
(hey, that’s progress for me)

I will beFearless in 2013.
Fearless in reaching for my dreams without fear of failure. 

I will strive to put my family first.
I want to have more FUN.
I want to share fresh ideas with you.
I will have even more Furniture 
makeovers featured at Fox Hollow this year.
I will continue to be frugal and showcase those treasures and what I do with them.
FORWARD motion and growth are always a goal.

Fixtures & Flooring are hints at some 
of the changes to come to 
Fox Hollow in the new year.

I want to find more then thrifty treasure this year. 
I want find more patience, find more joy 
and live a life full of grace. 

Here’s to a wondrous New Year for us All!!

Sharing my word with Layla & Kevin at

The Lettered Cottage
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  1. says

    Love your “F” words for the new year!!!! Happy new year and a wish for much inspiration and fun blogging ahead in this new year. I just love your home and stalk your blog often!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. says

    Those are Fine picks For the year. You did a Famously Fine job with your blog this last year and I am looking Foward to many more Fresh ideas coming to Fruition in the Future. Your Funny Friend- Diana

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