Catching Up {a blogging quickie}

A Little Catch-Up Quickie Post!

… and so is my mom :)

We’ve had a house guest. My mom is visiting from Southern California and I have not been blogging much since I just don’t feel right taking the time to photograph and edit project photos, and create blog posts while I have company in my home.

 Fox Hollow will be back to normal next week though… and I’m sure you’ll quickly tire of the cheapy Dollar Tree stuff I am always sharing!

My mom and I have been busy during her trip and we’re having a great time. We have done a little shopping, and had lots of time to just hang out and chat. We planned a very casual trip from the start and it has been just that.

She’s been a huge help too. She is great at getting you to purge and get rid of things. We’ve taken a van load of $&%* “stuff” to the Goodwill since she has been here. I love to clean and organize and it’s so much faster with an extra set of helping hands!!

We’ve also worked on the bathroom makeover together

(and a few other projects too)

This is my bathroom inspiration picture.

Just a jumping off point… but it got me thinking.
I’ll be putting my own twist on it.

You see, I have a mantel.
A spare if you will…
just hanging around, not being loved.
I decided to change that!

(old photo. excuse the ugly decorating!)

On top of the bathroom.. I took the opportunity to do some painting today on a different project. Yes, I like to mess up the whole house at once. I’m crazy like that! Are you?

 I can blame Tricia, a fantastic contributor here at Fox Hollow, who recently shared her
Linen Closet Organization Makeover.
I’ve been dying to get at mine since then!

Before and after picture of organized linen closet

You can visit Tricia at her blog, Simplicity In The South.

I really love her “after” but I was living with something more like the “before”.

So, I’ll have some new things to share next week, just as soon as I can blog about them!

Hope you’re all doing well and Spring is showing it’s pretty face in your parts. 
We’ve got rain here today… but actually had a few sunny days the past two weeks as well. So it’s been very nice overall and I’m happy it was not grey and rainy for her entire visit!

See you all soon!


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  1. says

    Hey Shannon! I”m sure your bathroom makeover is going to be fabulous! Can’t wait to see your spin on the inspiration picture. I’ll shamelessly take the blame on your closet reorganization project. Sounds like you and your mom are getting so much done! Is she for hire? 😉

  2. says

    Hi Shannon,
    Glad you are enjoying time with your mom. She sounds like a great organizer. Would she like to visit me too!!!!! I can’t wait to see what you are up too. Something with a mantel hmmmmm I know will be exciting and beautiful. Wish I had an extra mantel lying around!!!!! Have a great week.

  3. says

    I know you’re having a great time with your Mom … you guys are getting so much done! I can’t wait to see your bathroom reveal … hurry up, woman!

  4. says

    How nice to have time with your mom! My folks live in Southern California (I was born and raised there) and due to circumstances beyond our control we haven’t been together since my daughter’s wedding almost a year and a half ago! Not cool.
    Okay, enough of the family stuff, I can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do with your mantel! :)