Get Organized! {the linen closet}

Hello Foxy Friends
Today is a special day! I get to introduce you to a super-talented fellow blogger and the second member of the new contributor team here at Fox Hollow Cottage.
She is here today sharing some super tips to {beautifully} get your linen closet organized. I know we all feel better when we have organized spaces. Making them pretty too is great bonus!
Hello! I’m Tricia from Simplicity In The South and I’m so excited to be here today! I was thrilled when Shannon invited me to be a monthly contributor for her lovely blog. I’m looking forward to making some new blog friends while I’m here. Since I’m the new girl on the block, allow me to tell you a little about myself. I am a wife and a mom to three boys, ages ranging from 18 to 7.


Although I work full-time as a Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Therapist, my true passion is home decorating and remodeling. I’ve always dreamed of living in a 1920’s cottage (like Shannon’s!). Since we are happy with the location of our 1980’s ranch home, I’ve been adding vintage charm and character to our home so it will look like an older home instead of the basic builder’s home we moved into. Our home is rather small for our family of five, so I have to find ways to keep it organized. This month, I’ve been tackling our closet chaos. There’s a wonderful thing about closets…they usually have doors. The door to our linen closet was hiding a multitude of sins. I couldn’t find anything I needed! Ready to see what I’ve been hiding? {You may want to shield your eyes.}

before linen closet picture.

You won’t believe the after! I love it so much that I’ve kept the door open for the past few days.

Hall linen closet organization ideas

I knew what a difference it would make to paint the door and the shelves white after seeing the results a little paint made when I organized our other hall closet. After pulling everything out, I sorted everything into five piles.

 1. Stuff that would go back into the closet: I only kept the white sheets since they can be bleached. I got rid of anything that no longer fit our new extra-deep mattress. I also made sure that I only put things that I’ve actually used in the past year back into the closet.
 2. Goodwill donations.
 3. Home decorating items: These went into a bin for the storage building. If I don’t use these things in one year, they will go to the Goodwill.
 4. Things that can be stored in the boy’s room: I now keep the boys’ sheets in their dressers so they can get to them easily to make their beds. Since our oldest son’s room is used as a guest room when my parents come into town, I put the blankets and pillows for guests in a chest at the end of his bed.
 5. Items to put on Craigslist: In the before picture, I had a few items on the floor that I need to sell.

After organizing and putting everything back in the closet, it looks like we have twice as much room (or half the junk).

Ideas for an organized linen closet- Simplicity In The South.

The linen closet is in the middle of the house and beside the hall bathroom. Rather than digging underneath the kitchen sink cabinet to get cleaning supplies, I’ve put some in a fabric covered bucket close to where they are used most often. I bought the metal labels several years ago for this closet, but wanted to wait until I painted the shelves before I put them up. These shelf label holders are similar or you can look for them in the scrapbook section of the craft store.

After seeing some Swiss Army baskets from Refresh Interiors, I spray painted some old baskets white and used craft paint to add the red cross. I had planned on using them in the boy’s bathroom, but for now the baskets hold pillow cases and ironing supplies. The ironing board cover was made by Lett’s Sew Something on etsy.

Linen closet organization ideas. Labeled shelves and Swiss army baskets.

The chrome shelf dividers keep everything looking neat.
I bought these at Bed Bath and Beyond.

linen closet organization ideas. labeling shelves

I’m a bit of a bin/basket fanatic! This one usually goes with us on trips to the beach, so it will be grab-and-go.

Linen closet organization by Simplicity In The South. Beach towel jute bin.

And since it’s always fun to see a before and after picture!

Before and after picture of organized linen closet

I hope that I inspired some of you with some ways to get organized! If you’d like to see more organization projects that I’ve done, click here. Thank you so much, Shannon, for letting me share my post! I look forward to seeing you all again next month!

tricia tag

So cute and so inspiring Tricia!
Nothing like seeing a great before and after to get me motivated. I need to attack my linen closet and this is just the kick to do it 😉

Adore that ironing board fabric too. So funny… I have that exact material. I bought it to make some fun pillows with. Just goes to show what a great, natural fit Tricia will be here.

Tricia is a new contributor, along with Kimberly from Serendipity Refined, that will be joining us here monthly. My goal was to offer a little more flavor and variety to the blog, while still staying true to the Fox Hollow Cottage you are accustomed to.
I hope you enjoy the added inspiration!

You can find Tricia where she blogs,
at Simplicity In The South. As well as on pinterest,
facebook, twitter and google+.

I’m sure you’ll love what you find if you pay her a visit and she’d be tickled to see you!!

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  1. Anna says

    I love love love your linen closet! Your makeover is SO adorable!


  2. says

    You are the organization Queen Tricia! :) I love what you’ve done with the closet and it’s amazing how much brighter a little paint makes it all look! Very nice!! I love your tips, btw, I need to do the same with my closets!

  3. says

    It looks amazing! Once I attack our master closet, I’ll make my way over to our linen closet and will be sure to turn to this fabulous post again for inspiration! Thank you!

  4. says

    Hey, hey Tricia! You are making want to organize girl! We don’t have a linen closet to speak of, but we do have a shelf in our bathroom…it needs some serious help. Thanks for the inspiration, and so happy to see you here at FHC!!!