Project Linen Closet {clean and organize}


Project Linen Closet {clean and organize}


I Have Linen Closet.

But it’s boring, underutilized and ugly. If you have one too, and it needs help, I’m sharing my “linen closet project” along with some ideas and inspiration on how we can make ours organized {and pretty too}!

I have a to-do list in my head. Do any of you do that? You know, throughout the day… or weeks and sometimes even years… you keep a running list of things you’d like to do or fix in your home. For most of us, we can add on to that list faster then we can cross things off. You know… “that” list.

I’ve had my closet on that list.
It wasn’t the highest priority though.
So it sat quietly… and it waited.

Until it got kicked up to the top of the list, shortly after seeing this fabulously cute linen closet refresher from Simplicity In The South. I knew I really had to get my linen closet organized. If it could look half as good as this I would be a happy girl!

So, it’s getting a makeover. My closet needs to be better organized… and a little “pretty” wouldn’t kill it either. It’s off the main floor bath and gets used mainly as a linen closet to house bathroom type products, plus it doubles as a cleaning closet too.

This is what I’m starting with;

Tight fit. Impossible for a straight shot. Sorry.

It’s not super gross or anything but it sure is ugly. When we moved in, I cleaned, lined the shelves with extra linoleum and filled them. I never painted the interior of the closet. I had the kitchen, a bathroomthis bathroom and the entire rest of the house to contend with. I didn’t have the time for this closet.

This closet was the least of my worries!

As you can see, there is a lot of wasted space going on and this closet is so ready to have some attention paid to it!!

I started by making a mess.

Hey, it’s my M.O.
My modus operandi.
How I operate, how I roll…

Okay. A habit, a bad habit.

Anyhow, I tore everything out to see what I actually had to work with and to start fresh. I decided to get rid of a several sets of towels, some rugs, a cardboard spray shield for spray painting (I know…) and purge some beauty products that were not being used.
I also relocated a few mops. I had four. I have no idea why? I use one.
Now, I’m gathering ideas on how I might put everything back and have it look appealing, as well as be the most organized it can be. I’m sharing some of my favorite looks and ideas below, then I’m going to see if I can find something similar I already own or devise a cheap way to get the look for less!
Before I tore everything apart, I gathered some of my favorite “pretty closet” pics to get me in the mood. Granted, in the end my stuff never looks quiet like the real perfect stuff… but sometimes I see that just right idea that might work for me. It’s all just creative fuel. Don’t compare your after to a magazine. I just do the best I can with what I have and my personal budget. Which sometimes is even zero! It always looks better after though. And that is the point. So chin-up, and don’t get discouraged before you even start. Even simply doing the purging and cleaning part can be enough.
Organization Ideas Hall Linen Closet Inspiration 2
I found several styles of file drawer labels here and I really like the look of them. You’ll notice them being used in several of the photos above. They give such a polished look. but I think you might be able to find them for less. So far I have not found any that I really can’t live without that are in my budget. They might be the perfect finishing touch for you though, so I included them.

Update: I did later find a simple, really inexpensive Martha Stewart label similar to these at Staples.

Orginization Ideas Hall Linen Closet Inspiration

I like the bins for all the loose bottles and such in this design layout. The metal risers are great for storing vertically as well. There are more of those cute metal label holders too.  Now, I don’t need the towel/linen storage like you see on the doors but if you did, that is a great idea! Way to use all the space at hand.


I do need some way for my broom to stay in this closet.

It’s the closet closest to my front door and I want my broom handy.

I think I’ll order this mop and broom holder from the Container Store. It looks very low  profile and I plan to mount it on the inside of the door. Plus, it passes my cheap test at only $2.99.

These are similar to the risers, but keep your stacks nice and neat in a vertical direction.

I also found these shelf dividers in white (pictured) or chrome. $6.99 for 2.

I think I’m ready to tackle my project now!.
I want to check this off my list and have a pretty linen closet too!
So far I need to;
  • Delete extra stuff. Done.
  • Paint. Done.
  • Add baskets or bins for the loose stuff.
  • Add some cute tags. This is purely for fun.
  • Add additional shelves.
  • Add shelf liner.
I do have some shelf liner left over from my shelf liner backed cabinets. I don’t think it’ll match though?
If you know of a resource for cute tags, please share!

UPDATEThe Linen Closet Makeover is now complete! Click her to see it.

I’ve got a pinterest board with loads of cleaning and organizing ideas on it if you’d like to take a look there are well!

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  1. says

    Awesome inspiration … again, I admire you for tackling this task and inspiring me, as well! It’s going to be fabulous … look forward to seeing the reveal!

  2. says

    Loved all the inspiration pictures and can’t wait to see your newly organized, beautiful linen closet! I need to do this to my craft closet! It’s a monster of a mess! LOL! You’ve inspired me to get on that, ‘course I’ll need to consult Pinterest first for fabulous ideas! :)

  3. says

    I like to keep my broom by the front door too in case I need to fly out in a hurry. You probably just sweep the porch with yours huh?


  4. says

    It’s gonna be FABULOUS! I got Martha Stewart Label holders at Staples…they have FUN stuff! I’m still trying to decide on baskets but at least I got mine CLEANED and de-cluttered which is more than 1/2 the battle! You GO girlfriend! xo