Valentine’s at Fox Hollow {cheapity-cheap diy style}

Our Valentine’s Day Decor
Pretty sure y’all caught on to the whole
“I’m cheap” thing by now.
I know.. but hey, it works for me!
If you’re looking for simple, budget friendly ways to adorn your home, here is a collection of the crafts I made this season
to celebrate the holiday in our home.
I get to change up my house, craft and decorate for the holidays, pretty much guilt free. I love getting crafty and making new things without blowing my budget.
It’s a win-win!!
I actually like being a thrifty girl!
In fact, I’m so used to it, I can hardly stand to pay retail. Well, if you call Ross and HomeGoods retail. Okay, “budget retail”. Since decorating is pretty much far from a necessity, I feel like I can do what I like if I keep it under control! Crafting, shopping for deals and thrifting make all the fluff and frosting I crave possible. For instance, I found this picture out thrifting and picked it up for only $10 bucks. It took a bit of looking… I knew I wanted a frame with lots of scrolls and fancy swirls… and I knew I wanted it for a song. My hunting paid off.
 It needed some work, but with a little spray paint and some chalkboard paint.. I now have a super backdrop for all those silly Dollar Tree pool noodle wreaths I like to make so much.
You’ll be seeing more… I think I’ve got about a dozen in my craft room. I stocked up.
Like a squirrel saving for Winter.
I know I am not the only gal out there loving the burlap craze. Thank goodness it fits our totally casual lifestyle! It’s super easy to work with and that makes it a great fit for my craft ability and limited patience. I’m an instant gratification sort of gal. It being super cheap is an added bonus. I can see burlap being a staple for years to come.
This is a buck votive from the Dollar Tree.
A sweep of Mod Podge and a healty dose of Martha Stewart glitter made it a wee gem in my book.  The glitter just does it for me!
Get glitter. Be happy.
Another Dollar Tree item that got a spruce up was this white dinner plate. I think this would look really cute in a plate rack for display, or even in a set of two or three hanging on the wall.
I propped mine up in one of my vintage RC cola crates on the mantel.
I’m still loving our fireplace face lift… and as much as I love my aqua, I think it’s time for a change.
Any suggestions for a new accent color?
Is it completely boring to go white?
I think might like the freshness of it!
We are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day family style this year. My mom will be visiting from California and we have big plans to go and see the new Die Hard movie,
A Good Day To Die Hard.
It’ll be popcorn and action for us.
Yippie ki y…
well, you know the rest 😉
Got any big plans?
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  1. says

    Absolutely gorgeous! It all looks fantastic, I especially love the wreath and the burlap banner. So cute. I off to go see the tutorial for the wreath.

  2. says

    Such fabulous ideas, Shannon! You need to patent your noodle wreath creations! And, LOVE the sweet vignette you created on your mantel. I love the blue accent wall; however, whatever you decide to do will be amazing!!!!

  3. says

    This is beautiful! Love that white plate with the burlap and ruffles the most. I have no decorations out and no plans for Valentines day…how bah-humbug am I?

    I feel you on the retail. After making my own decor for so long when I go into stores I about have a heart attack at how much stuff costs. I’ve even been known to complain about how much goodwill charges, lol.

  4. says

    oh my goodness you put me to SHAME. I have um…2? candles. I cut out a couple hearts and put ’em on another 2. That’s it. You BLOW ME AWAY with your decorating! Holy moly! The last pic just brings it all together — so fresh and inviting. I love it!

  5. says

    Oh Shannon I love your thrifty side. I agree it’s hard to pay retail. I like to change things up so much that if I did pay retail it’d be scary. All of your décor is so cute.

  6. says

    You have the cutest decor Shannon. That is a tough call on the accent color, I just don’t know. I almost think you should do a color and then stencil it or something:)

  7. says

    I love your Valentine’s Day decor. The red just pops off your blue mantel wall. Truly in love.
    And yes, it’s way more fun using your mind and creating something (ahem, cheaply) than just buying it. Always an original that way!