A Kitchen Cabinet Makeover to DIY For {and a giveaway!}


A Kitchen Cabinet Makeover… to DIY for. Get it?

Hey, I had to write this post twice,  so I am a totally silly right about now.

Anyhow, I’m at it again.

I decided to try something new with my kitchen cabinets and it involves;

Chalk. Paint.  And a Cutting Edge Stencil.

So, come on and see the new chalk and paint makeover I gave my kitchen cabinets!

Open Cabinet Makeover DIY Chalkboard Chalk Paint Stencil

I got this great idea the other night (when I was supposed to be falling asleep) that my open style kitchen cabinets would look smashing if I painted them in La Craie-Magnolia (white) and then did the cabinet backs in La Craie-Wrought Iron (black). La Craie is a calcium carbonate based paint and I knew it would act just like chalkboard paint for me on this project! Then, I could “chalk” my stencil design right onto my cabinet backs. Oh, I was so excited to try something new.

For two reasons;

One, I had never stenciled before. (I know, I am such a  sham)

Two, I figured it would not be so permanent if I did it in chalk.

That way,when I want something new next week year, It’ll be easy to change up.

Here are my “new”  kitchen cabinets…

Black Wrought Iron La Craie Paint Chalk Stencil Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

This is my before, in case you have not visited before;

glass cab side, removed, new

 You can see my Dollar Tree Shelf Liner Kitchen Cabinet Makeover here.

I really did love it but was ready for something new. I crave change.

I would totally recommend  it. It was easy, cost $6 and removed with ease.

Sometimes I have a hard time committing so this worked well for me.

If you are in a rental, this might be something you could try too.


I am crushing on the impact the new look offers, while still really gelling with the rest of my home.

The black & white is bold, but classic.  I’m so glad I went for it and painted the cabinets.

I have a serious hang-up on WHITE KITCHENS and I can see more paint in my future.


Open Cabinet Wrought Iron La Craie Chalk and Paint Stencil Kitchen Makeover

I used the Cutting Edge Stencil in Anna Damask .

I did lighten it up a bit by leaving out some of the very top center design because it suited my taste more.

I thought it was pretty cool I could so easily personalize it by choosing to skip a spot or two.

Open Cabinet Makeover DIY Chalkboard Chalk Paint Stencil


I love to buy white decor items. They go with everything. It’s always safe.

When I’m out and I see something in white, it’s practically guaranteed I will have someplace in my house to put it.

This is a blessing.. and a curse.

I find a lot of white “stuff”.

Fox Hollow Cottage 3-24

This sweetie is really similar to the one in Hawaii that was placed on the garden path to the outdoor shower. It’s a great reminder of a wonderful vacation!

HomeGoods Bird Tea Pot

This was just cute and I wanted it. HomeGoods. Making me “happy” again and again.

Open Cottage Kitchen Cabinets Chalk Paint Stencil Design Fox Hollow Cottage

So, I am thinking that by now, you just may have happened to notice that I only completed one side of my project.

Open Kitchen Cabinets La Craie Wrought Iron Paint Chalk Stencil

Well, it was a little more involved then I had anticipated. Worth it, for sure!

But, it took me several hours to complete the two sections you see.

I was sort of hunched over, reaching over my head, on a ladder or on my knees the whole time. And… to be honest, my knees are old. They need a few days to recover.

I’ll be sharing some tips on working with chalk in a stencil latter in the week, in case you think it’s something that you might like to try yourself. I’m going to test something on the other side too, and I’ll let you know how that goes.

How  to Stencil with Chalk

***UPDATED – Click here for tips and tricks I shared from my experience stenciling with chalk!

Oh, and I’m not sure if I’ll put the shelves back in, or give them a rest? I am sort of liking it real open, for now.

Now… let’s get to the good part. A giveaway!

Lucky Number Seven giveaway test



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure to visit all SEVEN blogs  for even MORE chances to WIN a Cutting Edge Stencil of your own PLUS, you’ll get to check-out all the ideas and inspiration being shared. And there are some great projects!!

Hope you liked my chalk paint and stencil style makeover! For being pretty simple, (mostly)  I think it made a big change in the look and feel of the kitchen!

Shannon 00D0D0


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  1. says

    Hi Shannon,
    I just wanted to let you know that I launched a second site called Details. A sister site to homework, Details will spotlight projects that have those amazing details that make them extraordinary. Naturally, I featured your chalk stencil cupboard. I’d love for you to stop by and take a look. http://carolynsdetails.blogspot.com/
    xxoo Carolyn
    & details

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Congratulations and thanks so much for including me (: Wishing you loads of success!!!!

  2. Bebe says

    Loved the cabinets. I want to repaint mine. What do I need to do? They are white and have some yellow stains on them. Do I need to strip all of them?

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Hi Bebe! Are they painted already? I’m not sure what the staining is so I’d hate to give bad advice. I wiped mine down to remove any oils/etc.. then just painted. I didn’t have any prep to do since the Maison Blanche paint does not require pre sanding or priming. If you are just painting over paint, and they condition of the paint job is in good repair (no chips, drips, or brush marks) you should be able to paint right over them. Just clean them well first. You can use mild soap and water, then dry well. If they need de greasing use an appropriate cleaner. Good luck!!

  3. says

    Hi Shannon, Your cabinet looks like a million bucks. I love the stencil you used. I would love to win one just like it to use on a giant indoor/outdoor rug that I am going to paint and stencil. I am crossing my fingers on this one.

  4. Nancy says

    I have so many ideas for things I want to do but have to finish repairing my money pit before I can get started. However, I’m thinking that removing a couple of cupboard doors and doing a black-and-white theme might just be first on the projects list. I love your results and think it looks great with your bottom cabinets and gorgeous white counters. I can only hope mine will come out half as nice. Thanks for the great giveaway, too. :)

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Well I am so excited that you like it enough to try! How fun :) Best of luck to you!!

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Sounds like me, I usually really have to roll it around in my head first.

  5. Renee Kern says

    I was browsing around the internet tonight and saw an ice bucket that was stenciled, so winning a certificate to buy stencils would be awesome!!!

  6. says

    Well, I will be as happy as a pig in mud if I win this. I am sooooo wanting the stencil you used on the back of your cabinet.
    Fantastic idea btw. Simply brilliant! Thanks for the great giveaway, too. xxoo

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Thanks so much! I was excited to try something new. I love the Anna Damask and I think it might be stopping over in my bedroom next!

  7. Sharlene Piscitelli says

    Love this cainet makeover and such a brilliant idea to use chalkboard paint and chalk!

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Thanks so much! I sure like how it turned out too. I really do enjoy walking past and getting a glimpse of it.

  8. Terri Herman says

    Love the chalkboard idea! I have a large old picture that we turned into a chalkboard. I use it to write inspirational messages throughout the seasons. A cute boarder would make it nicer. I also have a powder room that is wishing for a stencil make over!

  9. Cynthia A. Kurylak says

    I so love white kitchens! The black with white chalk stencil is beautiful and adds a bit of whimsy! Isn’t it great to changes things up whenever the mood strikes!

  10. Michelle L. says

    exciting giveaway for me since I’ve been looking at their stencils a loooonngg time trying to decide on one for my bedroom walls. <3 thanks!

  11. Megan says

    I would stencil some curtains for my bedroom in bright yellow. I love your creativity with your stencil job. It came out great. Thanks!

  12. says

    I like it half finished. I would leave the empty space for display and I would paint the bottom of the cabinet the wrought iron black or white, or do a stencil on the diagonal door below.

    Really good job.

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Oh, that could be fun… Then I would have to paint the whole rest of the kitchen you can’t see though! LOL. I’m leaning towards all white uppers. This was sort of my tester 😉

  13. says

    I am catching up on my blogging. I LOVE the new look for your cabinets!! Wow do I love that stencil, but it was making my neck and fingers hurt to think about how much work that was. I would have never thought to do a stencil with chalk, but I am so excited to try one now, it looks great!

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Thanks Karen! I was thinking, if you liked the look of the chalk and wanted it to last I’ll be you could do really light coats of poly to seal, then, really coat it!

  14. says

    Who knew stenciling was so hard on the knees? I don’t think you should try it again. You should send that stencil to me and just get it out of sight! It could be so tempting you’ll get up in the middle of the night with a terrible urge to stencil! Then your knees will hurt!! How awful!! Message me for my address….I’ll take it off your hands and save you from yourself!!
    However, if you wanted to do the other side….to match the first GORGEOUS side……it could look quite nice!

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      This made me laugh so loud, I had to tell me hubby what I was reading. You are so entertaining lady!!!!

  15. Teresa says

    I just did my first Cutting Edge stencil in our powder bathroom…it looks awesome! I can’t wait to try out some of your ideas on other rooms in my house!

  16. says

    Your cabinet looks beautiful. I saw it on Pinterest the other day and didn’t realize it was yours. It adds so much character! Love your styling too! Pinned to share the DIY goodness :)

  17. says

    Holy WOW! What an amazing idea, chalkboard paint + stencil = AWESOMENESS I just might have to try this on something, soon. I love this idea. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Thanks so much! I think it’s a fun way to try something new, with little commitment 😉

  18. Katy says

    So excited! Your project looks great and I have so many stencil ideas swimming around in my head. :)

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Thanks Clydia, that would be the AWESOME Gwen at This Bold Girl. Look down at the bottom and you’ll see her link 😉 I love everything about it and my move was flawless!

  19. Fawn B. says

    I reall love your project! The black/white decor is awesome. I decided we’ll be repainting our cabinets in a white and grey scheme!

  20. ilea dowden says

    I really love this! im always wanting to change things up in my own kitchen and this is perfect!!

  21. Madi Borst says

    I live your black & white color scheme with the stencil! I hope I might be a winner so I can be inspired by you!

  22. says

    Shannon, you are so clever! I would never have thought to stencil with chalk! The damask design looks fabulous. I have some black and white damask curtains hanging in my kitchen and your post has inspired me to stencil my chalkboard. I can’t blame you for taking a little break, but I actually like they way each side is different!

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Psst, it might stay that way… lol
      Thanks so much!

      Hey, why don’t ya send me those curtains? {winks}

  23. says

    That really looks amazing. I love how everything looks against the black. It makes a huge difference. Awesome.

  24. says

    Shannon, this is SUCH a unique stencil project! I love the way it turned out! And I’m so sorry about your poor knees :( You have much more patience than I have. But the results are stunning….

  25. says

    That looks incredible, Shannon! I love that you went with black … you’re right … classic! And, I love how your beautiful pieces pop against it!

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Thanks so much. I actually used Maison Blanche La Craie in Wrought Iron but chalkboard paint would of course work too. I have used Rustoleum in the past, it’s very nice. Good luck on the giveaway.

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Thanks so much! You know, my closet was FULL of black and white when I worked a conventional job. I have always loved it!!

  26. Lindsey says

    I absolutely LOVE the stencil design you used! The makeover made such a difference! I hope I can do things like this one day! You’re so inspiring!

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      You can!! This was my very first time stenciling. Believe me, I don’t do anything that takes much skill 😉 If you see it here, it’s pretty guaranteed that it’s easy to do! LOL – Shannon

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Me too, it was a great product to work with! Good luck in the giveaway :)

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Thanks Nancy! I know, it’s been popular for a bit, but it’s SO fun I know why everyone loves it.
      Oh thank you, I am still finding my way around, even figuring out the comments over here is a little different! Overall, I am so pleased with the switch and Gwen took great care of me!

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      I am pretty much digging it too Kristin! Thanks doll 😉 Hope your sweetie is feeling 100% again!!

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Tanya – Thanks so much! I think I really like it too. Hope I can get to that other side soon 😉 I need some more time in my days!!

  27. Dido says

    I love this website and I love Cutting Edge Stencils, I have purchased from there a few times.
    Hope I win, there’s always something else to stencil. :O)

  28. says

    Hmmm…. I think I want to see the shelves in. Oh, you didn’t ask my opinion did you. I do love the black, and the stencil that makes it look like chalk, but I had a fondness for your shelves. I think that’s a song…..


    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      I think I’ll leave them for a bit but I’ll have to paint them before I put them – White I think? You sing that to my Bliss… I’d like the melody.

  29. Rebbecca says

    LOVE! This project is so up my alley. It is actually something I have been thinking about for a while and you just showed me how to make it possible. :) Hoping to try it soon!!

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Thanks a bunch – That is fun to hear, you’ll have to share it if you do!!

  30. Anna Starner says

    Not sure where my comment went so here goes. Love the stencil you used for your design. If you want to help keep it from rubbing off before you are ready to remove it spray it lightly wit hairspray. Just make sure it is a fine spray. That will help seal it so it wont smear as fast. This is what we would do with pastels that we wanted to display. It will wash of with warm soapy water.

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Good to know! I used that trick at Halloween with my baby powder “spooky” mirror. This is way out of reach, I think it should be fine. I’m the only one in that area 😉

  31. says

    I really like the stencil and the white cabinets! I’m getting new cabinets in a few weeks and can’t wait (mine weren’t really worth saving). Have a great week!

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Oh wow! That is super exciting. I bet you can not wait!!? The ones that were in this house when we moved in needed more then paint to save them. lol. They were good for garage/shop storage and that was about it 😉 Congrats on the new kitchen!!

  32. Christa says

    That idea is genius! Not only can you change the stencil, but you can change the color of the chalk you use! Love the black and white its so versatile, crisp and clean:)

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      I could not resist the diy’ing 😉
      I’m a cheeseball.
      Thanks. I really love it. It’s something different, and that always helps :)))
      I loved the shelf liner too. For almost a year. haha
      I think I am going to have some fun with this!!

  33. Anna Starner says

    Cute idea. If you spray it w/ hairspray like you do pastels it won’t rub off as fast if you do brush against it. Still removable down the road.

  34. Jen says

    Oh my it looks just gorgeous you did a wonderful job on everything plz come do my kitchen lol

  35. says

    Whoa! Big change! I lik-ee. :) I love chalkboard paint… I’m having a really hard time not painting everything with it. I’d have a whole wall, but I remember what you said about rough walls (Ahem… Plaster. BAH!) and it not working very well, so I’ve tried to reign myself in. LOL! That looks fantastic! Such an original idea! I foresee LOTS o’ copy catting. 😀 Love ya, girlie!

  36. Natalie Hansen says

    I love these stencils and have been wanting one for so long to use in my boys room. I would love to win. Love the cabinet makeover!!

  37. says

    Wow, Shannon! You hit a homerun. I LOVE black and white. I agree with you that it is both bold and classic. And how creative to use chalk as a stencil medium. The whole transformation is really pretty.

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Thanks so much Sharon! I was really eager to try it out. I have always, always loved black and white. As much as I adore aqua, I am a neutral girl at heart. I like to add or subtract color when I want to. It’s so much more versatile that way :)

  38. says

    Luv it!!! The stark contrast with the black and white is classic and stunning. Ic an understand why you only finished one side… poor knees. Looking forward to what you do on the blank bit… shelves?? Hmm… torn. Looks wonderful as is.
    Hugs, Gee

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Hi Gee! Yes, my knees gave out. It was hard to share a halfway finished project… but I had to gulp and do it. I think I like it so large and open with no shelves for now. It’s a nice change :)

  39. says

    Definitely to “DIY” for. I got it. ; ) Love this project and look! Such a fun way to get this awesome look! XOXO Rebecca

  40. Erin Claeys (aka Spruce Allen) says

    So excited to have come across your site! I’ve quickly become a fan!

  41. Vicki sutton says

    Love it! Knew it was yours the minute I saw it! The patience it took to chalk it…0h my!

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Thanks Vicki! You are always make me smile with your comments 😉 Yeah… now, for the other half. lol