A Kitchen Cabinet Makeover to DIY For {and a giveaway!}

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A Kitchen Cabinet Makeover… to DIY for. Get it?

Hey, I had to write this post twice,  so I am a totally silly right about now.

Anyhow, I’m at it again.

I decided to try something new with my kitchen cabinets and it involves;

Chalk. Paint.  And a Cutting Edge Stencil.

So, come on and see the new chalk and paint makeover I gave my kitchen cabinets!

Open Cabinet Makeover DIY Chalkboard Chalk Paint Stencil

I got this great idea the other night (when I was supposed to be falling asleep) that my open style kitchen cabinets would look smashing if I painted them in La Craie-Magnolia (white) and then did the cabinet backs in La Craie-Wrought Iron (black). La Craie is a calcium carbonate based paint and I knew it would act just like chalkboard paint for me on this project! Then, I could “chalk” my stencil design right onto my cabinet backs. Oh, I was so excited to try something new.

For two reasons;

One, I had never stenciled before. (I know, I am such a  sham)

Two, I figured it would not be so permanent if I did it in chalk.

That way,when I want something new next week year, It’ll be easy to change up.

Here are my “new”  kitchen cabinets…

Black Wrought Iron La Craie Paint Chalk Stencil Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

This is my before, in case you have not visited before;

glass cab side, removed, new

 You can see my Dollar Tree Shelf Liner Kitchen Cabinet Makeover here.

I really did love it but was ready for something new. I crave change.

I would totally recommend  it. It was easy, cost $6 and removed with ease.

Sometimes I have a hard time committing so this worked well for me.

If you are in a rental, this might be something you could try too.


I am crushing on the impact the new look offers, while still really gelling with the rest of my home.

The black & white is bold, but classic.  I’m so glad I went for it and painted the cabinets.

I have a serious hang-up on WHITE KITCHENS and I can see more paint in my future.


Open Cabinet Wrought Iron La Craie Chalk and Paint Stencil Kitchen Makeover

I used the Cutting Edge Stencil in Anna Damask .

I did lighten it up a bit by leaving out some of the very top center design because it suited my taste more.

I thought it was pretty cool I could so easily personalize it by choosing to skip a spot or two.

Open Cabinet Makeover DIY Chalkboard Chalk Paint Stencil


I love to buy white decor items. They go with everything. It’s always safe.

When I’m out and I see something in white, it’s practically guaranteed I will have someplace in my house to put it.

This is a blessing.. and a curse.

I find a lot of white “stuff”.

Fox Hollow Cottage 3-24

This sweetie is really similar to the one in Hawaii that was placed on the garden path to the outdoor shower. It’s a great reminder of a wonderful vacation!

HomeGoods Bird Tea Pot

This was just cute and I wanted it. HomeGoods. Making me “happy” again and again.

Open Cottage Kitchen Cabinets Chalk Paint Stencil Design Fox Hollow Cottage

So, I am thinking that by now, you just may have happened to notice that I only completed one side of my project.

Open Kitchen Cabinets La Craie Wrought Iron Paint Chalk Stencil

Well, it was a little more involved then I had anticipated. Worth it, for sure!

But, it took me several hours to complete the two sections you see.

I was sort of hunched over, reaching over my head, on a ladder or on my knees the whole time. And… to be honest, my knees are old. They need a few days to recover.

I’ll be sharing some tips on working with chalk in a stencil latter in the week, in case you think it’s something that you might like to try yourself. I’m going to test something on the other side too, and I’ll let you know how that goes.

How  to Stencil with Chalk

***UPDATED - Click here for tips and tricks I shared from my experience stenciling with chalk!

Oh, and I’m not sure if I’ll put the shelves back in, or give them a rest? I am sort of liking it real open, for now.

Now… let’s get to the good part. A giveaway!

Lucky Number Seven giveaway test



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure to visit all SEVEN blogs  for even MORE chances to WIN a Cutting Edge Stencil of your own PLUS, you’ll get to check-out all the ideas and inspiration being shared. And there are some great projects!!

Hope you liked my chalk paint and stencil style makeover! For being pretty simple, (mostly)  I think it made a big change in the look and feel of the kitchen!

Shannon 00D0D0


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  1. Vicki sutton says

    Love it! Knew it was yours the minute I saw it! The patience it took to chalk it…0h my!

    • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage says

      Thanks Vicki! You are always make me smile with your comments ;) Yeah… now, for the other half. lol