A Merry Christmas Mantel


Merry Christmas Greeting D00025

I’m getting in the holiday spirit here at the cottage! 

Christmas Mantel - Candy Cane, Natural Greens

 Hi guys! It’s mantel time and it comes to you with a tiny story.

You know how I made those Gold Glitter Ornament Lights?

Diy Dollar Tree Ornament Christmas Light Hack (2)

Well, I just couldn’t get them to vibe with any of my Christmas things. I spent a day moving things around and just couldn’t get it to feel right. So I stepped away, and gave it a shot again the next day. I was sort of bummed I couldn’t use the pretty sparkle lights but instead of fighting them, I let it go and I’ll try to use the somewhere else or gift them to someone.

I will tell you a secret. I sometimes craft with no plan in mind. Ya think? {hehe}

Christmas Holiday Fireplace Mantel

 Back in October Jim and I were up in Eugene and I picked up 3 ornaments from World Market. They sparked an idea and I thought I would use them as an inspiration for our Christmas mantel. I sort of forgot about them when I made the gold sparkle lights. Well… once I placed those in my garland, everything fell into place and I recalled what came to me when I saw them.

I was back on track!

Christmas Mantel World Market Ornaments

Can you guess which one I saw first?

World Market Christmas Ornaments

Yep. That little fox said; “Oh Shanni, you need me”.

And I have friends too.

I was able to use the two vintage-y looking snowmen ornaments my mom gifted me a few years ago as well. I like having them featured on the mantel.

Snowman Ornament

Candy Cane Giff

Snowman Sled Ornament

TIP: You can buy inexpensive, plain garland and spruce it up! Add a string of lights yourself and save lots. Plus, you can use fresh greenery to plump up your fake garland and give it a realistic, “fresh garland” look. Most evergreens will work fine and you can use Holly and Pine Cones as well!

Plus, then it’ll smell like the real thing too! 

Use this tip to make your faux garland look like the real thing! Super cheap, often Free. #Christmas #tip #Christmasdecorating #ideas

I clipped some Cedar boughs and Jim cut two big Holly branches for me. Again, you can pretty much use any variety of Evergreen clipping you’ve got on hand. Also, the stores will usually give you free cuttings from the Christmas tree trimmings as well. So you should be able to do this for free! This is my version of a fresh garland, using my already existing faux one. I added lights myself and even sprayed it with new snow to freshen it up. I am getting my use out of it for sure! To give it new life, I just tucked my sprigs of Cedar and Holly within the faux Fir branches. I had Pine Cones I added as well. So it’s fake, with a little splash of real added for authenticity. A cheater garland. Which is fitting here. Since I cheat about everything.

Now that I had the mantel done. I turned my attention to my hearth.

(after a slight detour in which I painted my fireplace firebox)

Christmas Holiday Hearth

I also stuffed my old sap bucket full of Holly!

Use what you’ve got right?

I’d love some Birch branches, but I don’t have any Birch trees on this property. We had 5 gorgeous ones at our last house… and I did contemplate a night raid for a few seconds. But thought better of it. Okay, I planned it out in my head. I know the layout after all.

Christmas Mantel Decor Lantern

I Christmas’ed up my HomeGoods lanterns. I hope you don’t tire of seeing them. I think they are going to be a decorating staple. I love those things! I cheated and used a few Dollar Tree Pine Cones. I’m surrounded my trees but ours don’t produce the fat variety I like. So if you don’t have big Pine trees, you know where to find some le’ cheap.

Christmas Mantel - Greenery Mercury Glass Lantern

I’ll shut up for a minute…

Christmas Mantel - Mercury Glass Garland

Dead silence.

Christmas Holiday Fireplace Living Room

Did you miss me?

Merry Christmas Pillow - Classic Red and Green

You know I’m a big ROSS shopper. I got this pillow there last year. Then proceeded to decorate in completely different colors. Hmm… I’m sensing a trend here. But, ta-da. Perfect this year. What a happy surprise.

I’m still thinking on the area above the mantel. Wreath? A red star swag of some sort? Not sure yet, whatever I decide, I’ll make sure to share.

Christmas Holiday Mantel

d90f00 HH

World Market White Fox Christmas Ornament

From me and my little fox!!

Shannon chalkboard signature B&W

Christmas Crafts DIY Decor and Gift Ideas

A Merry Christmas Mantel

By Stephanie Lynn

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