DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Ornament Lights


I’m feeling fat and jolly today.

I got crafty over the weekend and made some super cute

Gold Glitter Star Fancy Christmas Lights. 

eek. they really are so cute. I can’t help but adore them because

I love glitter

I do. I do!

Come on, I’ll show you how so you can make some for yourself!!

(I just know you love glitter too)

Dollar Tree Christmas Ornament Fancy DIY Lights

Glitter just makes you smile.

Even 3 months later. When I know I’ll still be getting it out of the joints in the wood floors.

I got it everywhere.

Diy Fancy Christmas Lights Big Gold Glitter Stars

Now Let’s Make Some Schmancy Lights!!

You Will Need:

1. Lights, 50 count is perfect.

2. Dollar Tree Glitter Stars – my store had gold, silver and red. Amount can vary. I used 8.

3. Light Weight Floral Wire. White bread bag ties would work too.

4. Glue Gun. Hello? this is me here, you know I am attached.

5. Wire Cutters. Don’t ruin your scissors.

I got really into making these, i.e., I did not take any photos, so I’m demoing with the red stars.


To begin — I am hanging mine from my mantel and started off with making sure I had enough lead wire to get from the outlet to my first hook position comfortably. I suggest you do the same. I placed my first star where it would hang properly and worked my way over. Spacing evenly so they would again, hang right from my hooks. This part will be pretty custom for each of you I imagine.

tutorial 1

Gather 2 individual lights, with 5 lights in between and bring them together as shown above. Wire together. Snip any excess wire. 

Chriastmas Ornament String Light Tutorial

Next, you will need 2 ornaments for each completed star. Place one star glitter side down, lay wired light section at top point. Arrange lights to be covered by top star. Place top star to cover lights, on top of the other star, glitter side up. Start at the right side star tip and place small amount of glue on the inside of the bottom star, push top to bottom and glue tips together. Work your way around, gluing each star tip until you get to the top. Arrange top wired section last and glue in place. The top will not close tip to tip because of the wires, but you won’t even notice when it’s strung up! Move on to the next star and repeat as desired for the number of stars you wish to have on your light string. 

PicMonkey Collage

Note: You may wish cover the top, the wired light section, with a bow or sprig of tinsel garland to conceal. I have not gotten that far yet.

DIY Gold Star Christmas Lights 1

Diy Dollar Tree Ornament Christmas Light Hack wm

Diy Gold Star Fancy Christmas Lights wm

 Hope ya dig my cheapy Dollar Tree Christmas Ornament Fancy Diy Lights!!

I love them and as soon as I was done, I thought “ooh” I need to make more of those for somewhere? hehe

Christmas Signature 2

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 DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Ornament Lights





  1. Shannon says

    These are glitter awesomeness girl!!!! I love that they are from the dollar store!!! One question…. Do you think I could tape the bulbs with painters tape and paint the light wires to match?


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