How To Paint A Fireplace Firebox

The Final Step of The Fireplace Makeover

How To Paint A Fireplace Firebox | #diy #fireplace #diyproject #diyfireplace

I had put this task off for far too long but I finally finished it today. I must say, when I was done I stepped back and thought to myself; “Why the heck did I wait so long to do this?” Yep, it was one of those. A night and day difference. I can not believe how it finishes off the fireplace. I am so pleased. So much so, that I thought I would share with you, in case any of you are living with a icky firebox like I was!!


Fireplace Firebox - Before #diy #fireplace

Fireplace Firebox Before 2 #diy #fireplace Fireplace Firebox Before 1 #diy #fireplace

How To Paint Your Firebox

1. You will want to start with a clean, dry, dust free surface. I thoroughly cleaned my firebox before starting by sweeping the entire surface, then vacuuming with my brush attachment. You may need a wire brush as well.
2. You’ll need to select a High Heat Tolerant /Resistant Specialty Paint. I used some I picked up at my local True Value. There are several brands on the market.
3. Cover any surface you do not wish to be painted with painters tarps for protection . Like the hearth. Because painting with a roller makes splatters even if you go slow and you will inevitability drop a tiny slat of paint onto your new hearth tiles if you don’t put down a cover. Do not ask my how I know this.  Jim, please pretend you did not read this. I’m just speaking in generalities honey.
4. You will need a rough surface paint sleeve suitable for masonry. I applied the bulk of my paint with a roller. I then used a Purdy angled brush for the detail work, like the corners and cutting in along the edge. I free handed mine but I hear Scotch Blue has a new rough surface tape that works great.
5. I did not wear any protective gear. I had excellent cross ventilation working with my front and sun room doors, as well as my living room windows open. I do suggest that you follow any label instructions on your paint.
6. Apply the paint with a even pressure with your roller, cutting in with your brush. I applied a light first coat, then followed with a second coat. Cure time may depend on paint selected and weather conditions.
This project takes about 30 minutes and costs approx. $20 for the paint.
Supply costs may vary. I had everything on hand.

Fireplace Firebox After - First Coat #diy #fireplace

Note: The paint is not fully dry in these photos. 

Fireplace Firebox After - Second Coat #diy fireplace

After you’re done, stand back and go… OMG, that girl was right, it looks AWESOME now.


You’re welcome. Cheers to fabulous fireplaces. 

And just wait! Because  it looks Even BETTER when you get it all decorated.

I decorated the mantel and hearth when I was done and it looks better than ever.

Just so “finished”. You know?

I am so tickled!!!!

ffbdbb Shannon

You can find our complete Fireplace Makeover by clicking here.

DIY Budget Fireplace Before and After Makeover | #diy #fireplace

How To Paint A Fireplace Firebox

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