Nutella Stuffed Ritz Cracker Chocolate Cookies

I have decided to call these “Nutella Stuffed Ritz Cracker Chocolate Cookies” because that’s basically what they are. Also, and more importantly, they are very good and incredibly easy to make.

Photographic evidence.

Nutella Stuffed Ritz Cracker Chocolate Candy Cookies



1. Ritz Crackers (or cracker of choice)

2. Nutella (mother says to use peanut butter. I disagree.)

3. Chocolate chips

Sea salt (optional)


cupcake liners


Instructions: Melt the chocolate by putting it in the microwave and heating it in twenty second intervals, stirring in between, until chocolate is melted. Take two Ritz crackers and put Nutella on one of them, then put the other on top like it’s a sandwich. Then dip the sandwich in the melted chocolate. Place the once-weird-cracker-sandwich-now-cookie-slash-candy into the cupcake liner and sprinkle sea salt on top if you want to. Place it in the freezer or refrigerator until hardened.

I still can’t believe that mother told me to use peanut butter instead of Nutella. Nutella is definitely better than peanut butter, I don’t know how it could have even crossed her mind.

Also, here is a joke:

What’s a similarity between snowmen and your friends? They disappear when you pee on them.

That joke is my new pickup line. So far it hasn’t worked, but I will try harder. Perhaps I will use this one instead:

Why do sad ghosts use elevators? To lift their spirits.

Don’t tell me it’s not funny.

Yeah but try these cookie things because they’re really easy and taste kind of like butterfingers and I don’t actually like butterfingers but I really like these cookies and I know that a lot of people like butterfingers so that’s good.

Also butterfingers are really good in ice cream so I think these cookies would be really good in ice cream. They might also be good to give to small children under the age of two.

That was a joke please don’t give your child these cookies if they are under the age of two chocolate is actually bad for children and the chocolate is hard and they could choke. They might also make a mess because the chocolate is melty, which I’m sure you wouldn’t want to clean up.

But you may definitely eat and enjoy these cookies. Also your boyfriend or husband or child or friend may enjoy them as well as long as they are over the age of two (I really hope your boyfriend and/or husband are over the age of two otherwise this is awkward).

Nutella Stuffed Ritz Cracker Chocolate Cookie Candies

Yum  |  Yum  | Yum

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 This will be little Miss Katie Jane’s last post. I loved having her. She is always such a breath of fresh air!! Wishing her all the best in school. It definitely comes first. Having fun while you’re young is a super close second.

She’ll be missed!!!!

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Nutella Stuffed Ritz Cracker Chocolate Cookies

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