Patriotic SUMMER Printable Banner

Patriotic SUMMER Printable Banner

Printable SUMMER banner - Patriotic Red White Blue - -

Hello and Happy SUMMER to you!!

Vintage Americana Patriotic Bottle Brush Trees - Fourth of July Summer Decor

It has been glorious here in the Pacific Northwest and much appreciated after the looooong, very wet Winter. And Spring. So beautiful in fact, that I often consider it a fair trade for putting up with the aforementioned two seasons.

Printable SUMMER banner - Patriotic Red White + Blue - www.foxhollowcottage

In celebration of Summer… and the impending Fourth if July holiday, I made a simple banner that shouts SUMMER {while waving jazz fingers} and tipping it’s hat to the red, white and blue.

I want to take a second to point out that I actually wrote on my chalkboard.

I know. Big whoop right? But keep reading… 

I love chalkboards and chalkboard paint. I love the moody look of the black, smudged surface with all it’s depth. Heck, I’ve got a chalkboard painted fireplace! That rarely has anything chalked on it, because I really do simply love it as-is. And, for one other reason…

Can I write artfully on my chalkboard  surfaces?

No. I can not.

And make no mistake… it takes talent. Or an overhead projector… or maybe even just lots of time or practice? Neither of which I seem to possess. (the time or the projector)

Is what I did chalk good enough?

Yep. I have decided it is.

Kudos to those that can chalk those beautiful, wonderfully fabulous chalk art creations. I don’t have the time or the talent. Maybe one day I’ll learn and I’m sure I would really enjoy the finished product.

For now though, the pressure is off.

In this, and other facets of my life, I am getting back to doing things that are simple and I can accomplish and walk away from… moving onto the next thing. If that means a new project, chores or maybe even more family time I am content with that.

I want the freedom to create something new and not feel badly, or have it be an irritation, instead of joyful.

This is a good step and reminder to me that the joy is in the journey.

The doing.

Not the perfect.

So I wrote it once.


… and said, that’ll do. 

Free SUMMER Printable www.foxhollowcottage

 I’ll shush now and get back to the “free printable part”. (but thanks for reading along)

You can print the SUMMER banner as shown on a full, card-stock sheet or download and size to taste before printing. 

  • I printed mine on card stock
  • You can hole-punch each corner to string it up. I had these nifty little grommets I hardly ever get to use. So I played with those. It’s a Memory Making brand kit I got when I was really into scrap booking. Check your local craft supply for something similar if you like the look. It’s pretty fun to hammer those little suckers in too!

Fourth of July SUMMER printable banner - diy craft decoration - www.foxhollowcottage

  • String together with bakers twine like I did, or use jute twine, ribbon.. whatever you like.

Fourth of July SUMMER printable banner - diy craft decoration - www.foxhollowcottage

  • I used a few Command Decorating Clips to hang mine up. They are mini, clear and I love those stinking things. Magic I tell you!

7. Free Printable Summer Red White Blue Letters for Banner Bunting

>> Click HERE << to print the high resolution image of each individual letter in the Summer banner. Just click and print each letter when the page opens up.

Do you know what a blog-hop is?

Well let me tell you!! It’s when a gaggle of girly bloggers get together and have a party of sorts. Web like 😉 We all share something with a common theme… like oh, Summer, and put our spin on it. This way, you can click over to some other great things right from my site and keep getting Summertime ideas. So “hop” on over to the next blog…

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Fun In The Sun Summer Ideas

Make sure to come back tomorrow for even more great

Summer ideas and a $250 cash giveaway!!!!

Fun in the sun graphic final

I hope this Summer is treating you well and you are doing all the things that make it special to you! 

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  1. says

    I LOVE your fun summer banner and I can’t wait to print it out to hang in my gazebo outside! Thanks for taking time to create it and share with us Shann!! It was so fun to par-tay with you in the Summer hop! Here’s to us northern gals having a looooooong HOT summer!!! 😉 Heather

  2. JaneEllen says

    When I see all kinds of terrific July 4th. decorations, etc. I know it’s summer. Love it all, so festive and fun. Thanks for sharing all you did. Happy July 4th. and summer days
    My summer really starts when we get to go to Highline state park lake which is 7 1/2 miles from our house. When I worked I would go get our 2 grand daughters and head to lake for rest of day. Had so many wonderful times with them. Then their Mom and Dad and my hubs would come out with supper and we’d swim, eat, have great evening.